Last Week's Quiz Results...

Last week I asked who thought the big queer would be on Everwood? Tonight as TVGuide reports will be a "watershed" moment for both Ephram and Kyle (is that what we're calling homoeroticism these days). So in honor of the moment, I thought I'd point out the results from the poll.

And The Gay Is:
  • 50% say piano virtuoso Kyle
  • 17% say impressionable Amy Abbott
  • 17% say both Kyle and Emphram will be doing a spit shine in the tent
  • 16% say they don't care as long as "Everwood" gets a 5th Season

Don't forget to vote in this week's challenge: "Is Shane's performance as a "Survivor" contestant better than his role as Thug Trying to Molest Rayann Graff Then Throws Bottle in the pilot episode of "My So Called Life"?



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