American Idol: Ace is a Jackass or in other words, that bitch is dead!

What I Missed: American Idol

If you heard screams last Wednesday night it wasn�t from my neighbor falling to his death from 5 floors up it was from me loving life now that ACE YOUNG has been nixed from the American Idol competition!!!

It was a long and winding road full of venomous slander and death threats (all on my part) but it all paid off � stupid rosey cheeked euro-trash clothed and perfectly mussed hair was given the boot! Adios bitch face! No more must we see your contrived facial expressions, hand gestures, and perfectly timed running of hands through your hair. You�re gone!

Instead of hearing Daniel Powter�s �Bad Day� I was hearing little munchkins sing in unison �Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, The Wicked Witch, That Mean Old Witch � Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead!�

Paula used some of the tissues from her over stuffed top to wipe her raccoon eyes but America the tears streaming down my face were those of Joy! Not since �Arrested Development� was picked up last May have I been so happy about a televised event!

If only this week we can attach the trailer to the wood sided station wagon with signs that read �North Carolina or Bust� sending Pickle home for good!

Tonight are the song stylings of LOVE. If Pickle does �Eternal Flame� I hope it goes out!

Oh and in the high hopes category, here�s to Chris Daughtry and McPheever doing Dan Hill and Vonda Shephards 80�s tear jerker �Can�t We Try�


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