Where I've Been...

Some of you have actually emailed or commented with concern instead of being an annoying douchebag commenting on my blog going to shit � thanks for that! I welcome my lovers and haters, god knows there�s been plenty of both.

The last two weeks have been really bad for me. There have been three deaths that have either directly affected me, one of my loved ones, or my building.
It began with being woken up at 12:30 in the morning two Saturday�s ago to a loud explosion sound outside our bedroom window. Then there were concerned calling outs outs of a man�s name. Then there were more panicked calls out which then turned to screams, and then to sobbing, then more screams, some keening, some 911 calling, some more guttural screams, sirens, sobbing, media, police cameras illuminating our bedroom every 10 seconds until about 4am.

If you live in Boston you may have heard of the guy that fell from the patio/roof of his apartment to his death 5 floors down while at his engagement party. Yeah that was my neighbor and it all took place about 8 feet from my bedroom window and was hands down one of the most disturbing noises and aftermath I�ve ever heard in my life. If the desperate name calling then screaming and 911 calling ever leave my memory it will be a great thing. It made me sick to my stomach.

A couple days later there was a very very personal death that affected me that I don�t care to discuss.
Then just this past weekend another one that affected one of my closest friends. It�s been a bad couple weeks.

In better news, my short 48 Hour Film screened this past Tuesday (4/18) here in Boston! It was a blast despite the personal issues that were plaguing me.

If you�re also wondering where the hell I�ve been since then� I�ve been busy with the Independent Film Festival of Boston which was my third job for the last couple months. It ended last night and I feel I can now dedicate some of my life back to television. For 6 days the IFFBoston rocked Somerville, Brookline, Cambridge, and Boston with over 70 films, 4 parties and a lot and a lot of my time. I went from my full-time day job directly to the Festival each weeknight and then spent my whole weekend working my ass off in the name of indie films! I met some incredible people one of which is major television related.

Michael F�ing Cera (George Michael from �Arrested Development�) was at the festival promoting the short film �Darling Darling� by the incredible funny and way young Matthew Lessner. I�m happy to report that he is just as cute, funny, and vulnerable in person as he is on screen as George Michael! His Mom is also the cutest thing on earth � as is the fact that he comes to a film festival not with his friends or his �people� but with his good ole MOMS!
Anyway, I'm back. I'll try to recap stuff that was recorded on my faux'vo for the last two weeks some of which I didn't watch until the last couple days. I was two Veronica Mars' behind and that is just not right... not right at all! Check back soon.


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