Veronica Mars "Look Who's Stalking" (Part 1)

I took notes last night and unfortch left them at home, its very sad to me. I will however quickly state that in the meantime I effin loved this episode. After the last two episodes which decided to turn our lovely occasionally dark but always sunny in demeanor show into snuff film like areas it was great to see this weeks ep come in with some more character driven and heartbreaking sequences.

Now, I�m not saying that I didn�t shit my pants with excitement when Weevil went there and set up Thumper leading the Fitzpatrick�s to strap him up to a urinal seconds before that sucker imploded. I�m also not complaining that Kendall is turning into quite the trashy mastermind. The tone of these episodes stepped it up to incredibly dark twisted areas and I for one screamed aloud the Degrassi motto: �Veronica Mars � IT GOES THERE!�

Tonight I will update with my comments on �Look Who�s Stalking� including some super way hot Veronica/Logan interaction, the heartbreak involved, as well as another great Dick quote, some genius from Madison Sinclair, and the comic genius of Mac!


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