Veronica Mars "Happy Go Lucky?"

I don't know if Lucky went happily or not but we went for sure... I love how the opening of this weeks episode went from light jovial cupcakes to look we're in love (Jackie and Wallace) to look, so many finals so little time to study (Veronica) to Weevil asking for help to shots ringing out in the cafeteria! Crazy Lucky jumps on a lunch table and starts taunting the students with a gun and calling our for "Ga, Ga, Ga, Gia!" (I laughed nervously at the Chia Head reference and then go back to terror). Jackie tries to dial for help, Lucky comes from within centimeters of pulling the trigger on Ms. Cook, Wallace jumps him to save the day, Veronica shelters Gia and looks on in horror! Fight ensues and holy crap Lucky's pulling the trigger! I flinch, WOW! Wait, Wallace is fine - just blanks! BANG, the school security guard blows Lucky away... Happy Go Lucky? Still not so sure - are you? A Long Time Ago We Used To Be Friends...

School is winding down and so is our second season of our favorite Sluethela and friends. I can't believe that last summer I started watching this show, downloaded the ones UPN didn't air, and got caught up in time for Season 2. I began blogging on the show, got flown out to San Diego for a
Bloggers Press Day, participated in a press conference, interviewed a to be announced series regular (still waiting for the go ahead-stay tuned), and now face the finale with much fear and anxiety! What a year it's been.

A bus went off a cliff, Logan was up on murder charges for killing Felix then cleared, a fat man named Curly washed ashore with Veronica's name on his person, Steve Guttenburg is alive, Terrence Cook slept with a Top Model, Big Dick fled, Lil Dick made us laugh and swoon, The Beav hooked up with Mac, Meg is preggers, Meg dies but baby survives, Meg's parents lock their kids in closets like in a VC Andrews book, Duncan leaves town after Veronica assists in a kidnapping, Wallace goes to Chitown, Wallace comes back framed for hit and run, Wallace is cleared, Wallace meets Jackie, Jackie meets others, Jackie's rep is ruined then brought back to life, Lamb�s shirtless, Lamb's an ass, Lamb's basting Madison's turkey, Kendall sets up shop with Beav, Kendall sets up Duncan for Murder, Kendall's not Kendall, Kendall's hot trash, Thumper killed Felix, Thumper gets smooshed by Shark Stadium, Weevil's a tad bit Eeeevil, Gays are outed, gays are dead, Mayor Woody diddles little boys, boys named Lucky bleach their feet, Logan's topless again, Veronica's swooning again, Kendall ruins the day again, Veronica cries again, and finally, Aaron Echolls is a free man...

Whew, and that was only some of the highlights from Season 2. Is anyone else really really scared about the finale? I mean, in the recent
TVGuide interview with Kristen Bell, she says that a couple people don't survive the finale. A COUPLE? God, I worry for some of my ancillary faves and who they may really be. Weevil is on the hit list. Beaver is on the hit list. Mac is on the hit list. Jackie is on the hit list. And we can almost be certain Kendall is almost already hit. I don't want to lose Weevil or Beaver or Mac or Kendall (though she won't be back no matter what - per Rob Thomas).

Now lets discuss the preview for next week shall we? I was pissing myself! Mac is briefly shown cowering beside what looks like a bed and crying, Veronica's trapped in an elevator with Aaron who justifies beating Lily's head in by saying she talked too much, everyone's graduating except for Dick and Beav, Curly gets hit and drived on a cliff, Ver... is written in sharpie, Veronica gets slammed into the ground, Veronica�s got a gun, crying, and muttering about someone killing everyone on the bus� ITS GOING TO BE EXPLOSIVE! I'm beside myself.

I've theories, I've had them for a while and my main theory makes me sad because it really involves Beaver being some evil evil mastermind and now that he's on "Big Love" on HBO, why wouldn't Veronica have a gun pointed in his face? He's already got another job! I love Beaver, I love Mac (was her "I'm Smarter Than You" tattoo reference not the funniest). She deserves happiness not to be cowering beside a bed. Sure, Mayor Woody sunk his bat in the Beav (I assume - he did molest Marcos Olivares and Peter Ferrer afterall)... does that mean he had to kill? I hope I'm wrong folks!

While I still have theories, I still have even more questions. Still unanswered are the following:

- Who is this Sally Beaver referenced back on "Magic Mountain" and why did it so quickly subdue Dick?
- Why is Beaver afraid of sex?
- How exactly did Veronica get Chlamydia?
- Where has Wallace's Mom been and what's her friggin' deal?
- Is Lilly Kane's murder really solved?
- Is Hannah really off at boarding school?
- Where did Big Dick stick himself all this time?
- What exactly does Los Lobos have on Terrence Cook?
- Is Jackie trapped in a closet like R.Kelly or chained up in the Cook basement like 2 pointless Housewives actors?
- Who else did Woody bat some balls around with?
- Why is the Kane Scholarship still so essential to the storyline after 2 years.
- Is Lisa Renna off getting more lip injections and dancing with stars instead of floating in the river dead?
- How exactly did Jackie learn (the hard way) about those damn birds and buzzing bees?
- Oh yeah, who the hell sent that bus over the edge killing those kids?

Wait, one more...

- Who in god's creation was the creature standing with Beaver as Veronica approached his keyed car? Veronica didn't know his name and made me laugh with her "Hi... yooooooouuuuu" She had no clue. What did he say to her? What was scrawled on that car? I was hoping to see Sally's name but alas, not so much. "Well how will Amber know she's a bitch?" was just one of those Veronica lines that makes me giggle. Love her. But who what why?

I'm freaking out!

Can we for one second discuss Aaron Echolls getting off and being a free man again? Not kidding, I thought Veronica was going to jump across that courtroom and tear him to shreds. Or shoot him. I kinda thought she would just whip out a gun and blast him away - but that's not very good for keeping the show on the air and all. I couldn't tell what Logan was thinking when they said his dad was not guilty. He had this smirk which could have meant - of course (hopefully) or it meant he was kinda happy? I want someone to kill Aaron, don't care who, don't care how! Just do it already.

Until next week folks...

Wait, not done yet. Next week we may have a double blogger exclusive - check back later in the week for more details and hopefully by then I will have received word on my exclusive interview with a certain cast member.

Veronica Mars Season 2 Finale "Not Pictured" (Press Release)


"Not Pictured" -- After learning the identity of the perpetrator responsible for the bus crash, Veronica hurries to warn others, but ends up putting herself in an extremely perilous situation, on the season finale of VERONICA MARS, Tuesday, May 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. John Kretchmer directed the episode from a script written by series' creator and Executive Producer Rob Thomas, and John Enbom.

Meanwhile, Keith enlists Veronica's help in his ongoing investigation of Woody (guest star Steve Guttenberg) and asks her go undercover to get some vital information from Woody's lawyer. Later, when graduation day finally comes around, Neptune seniors celebrate at a huge party at the Neptune Grand.


  • Hey Ducky! Recently got hooked on your blog after reading GMMR's blog. Love ya both, what with all the VM in-the-know stuff!

    Anyways...The car said Amanda is a bitch. Don't know Amanda - some random high schooler I s'pose.

    And the guy standing w/The Beav was Hart - he was one of the guys shooting a movie when Logan's mom jumped off the bridge - remember? Their video showed her jumping.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/03/2006 06:33:00 PM  

  • cheryl_s, Amanda is a bitch, I can't believe I keyed the wrong car!

    As for Hart, I so didn't catch that it was the same kid. That is high-sterical! Seems kinda random to have Hart in there, doesn't it after all this time? What if he was making a sequel to that movie and needed a bus action sequence? AH... AAAHHHHH?

    Doubtful. Thank you for clearing that up though about the bitch and hart.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 5/04/2006 09:14:00 AM  

  • That Hart kid is going to come back to haunt us, I know it! And I'm so jealous of all your double exclusives and interviews. Look at you go!

    By Blogger tvgirl13, at 5/04/2006 10:05:00 AM  

  • Oops - I guess it was "Amber" that was a bitch - not Amanda. I got the first two letters right anyway - sorry!

    But yeah, about Hart, that can't just mean nothing can it? Did we know that he hung out with Beaver? What does it mean, what does it mean???

    This show is soooo getting under my skin and I can't wait for next Tuesday! Hopefully VM won't be pre-empted for baseball or more Sac Kings playoff games! Sports gets in the way of good TV!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/04/2006 02:28:00 PM  

  • I'm not sold on Beaver did it because he has anoutyher show theory. HBO takes forever between seasons so VM can get five more season in before they start filming another one of Big Love. Hopefully that will also result in a Lily evil twin sister plot next season.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 5/04/2006 08:01:00 PM  

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