Time and time again this show has done things that only Felicity, early Dawson's, and My So Called Life have managed to pull off on a consistent basis... make me cry like a little bitch.

For 4 years now, Everwood has rocked my emotional world. From Ephram's endless crush on Amy, to her dying affection for her dying BF, to Amy and Ephram, to Non-Amy and Ephram, to Ephram and Madison, to Andy and Ephram not speaking, to Nina and Andy and now all the way to Bright and Hannah.

Brighton Abbott, you are adorable, I love you and laugh at you always but tonight you finally made me cry. You've broken my heart Bright and Hannah's too! How amazing were the scenes with Ephram and Bright? I love that Ephram took a stand and didnt blindly support the cheater. I love that Bright and Amy finally went at it - guns blazing with anger and hurt. I love that Bright actually truly feels horrible and realizes now that the only thing missing was Hannah in his life. I love that he teared up! Chris Pratt was amazing. I love that when he told Hannah she stayed strong and forced him to leave before she broke down competely, not giving him the satisfaction of her tears. I love that Sarah Drew is amazing and fierce all the sudden. I just love Everwood.

Dr. Abbott and Rose broke my heart too. I mean, come on folks... when Rose asked if the adoption agency needed another oncologists opinion didnt you just sink into the couch with fear and depression? It slayed me that all Harold could say was "I'm sorry." No excuses, just "I'm Sorry" Wow, it was amazing.

My Favorite Quote of the Night:
Amy: "We've already tried keeping things from each other... and that doesn't work. You ended up in Europe and I became a Women's Studies major..."


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