America's Next Top Comedian ?

I don't know why they've waited this long to turn this show into a comedy act! Danielle, Furonda, and Joanie are just hysterical to listen to. Their commentary on the other contestants, the characters of these girls, and any situation is a welcomed change of pace from the usual ditzy bland girls of previous cycles. Not to mention the unintentional comedy of Jade... that bitch is trippin'!

But back to my comedians, last night D, F, and J were in prime form! America, you are looking at your Final 3! If these three do not come down to a battle in the end, it will be a damn shame.

Danielle on her worries about fixing that gap in her teeth: "At first I was sad about my gap, but then I was like... I'm going to Thailand SUCKA!"

Next Danielle sucked it up and played the mermaid in the net to flawless effect and incredible talkback: "My uterus is as flat as a pancake" Seriously, this one made me do a spit take of Dr. Pepper.

Danielle's other genius moment was in that ridiculous reward massage for Nnenna and Jade. When that Thai lady corrected her placement of the flower petals into the bubble bath she waits until that little woman is gone and starts just dumping that whole basket of petals into the water - I thought, this girl is a friggin' genius! IT WAS FUNNY! I love me some Danielle!

Furonda with that finger massage? High-sterical! She was so not into rubbing down Nnenna and seriously who would? She doesn't like that bitch so why would she want to put any effort into giving her relief. I wonder if that's one of Furonda's rules? Furonda does not do backrubs, massages, or comfort. So say it!

Though she got the boot, Nnenna's "Furonda, I don't have an itch" was quite possibly the funniest part of that whole scene!

Oh and Furonda jumped on the squished bits commentary too when she told the judges about her "womanly parts." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is better than any stand up show!

Trya, you can say your name 1000 times in 1000 ways to emphasize the "Ty" sound and not a sane person on earth would make the leap to Thailand... drag queens don't help your cause much sistafriend!

I love Top Model!


  • OMG, I just realized now while reading your recap that Tyra was emphasizing the "Ty" in her name to signal that they were going to Thailand! I had no idea. I was sitting there watching that scene with a big "huh?" hanging over my head.

    I friggin LOVE Danielle and Joanie. These girls are awesome, and I'm going to scream if they aren't the final two.

    By Blogger TVFan, at 4/27/2006 03:13:00 PM  

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