LOST "Two For The Road"

Are you kidding me? Holy crap I was not expecting the shootout in the hatch there at the end! WOW! I can only assume that not both of them are dead.

We all know Cynthia Watros got a pilot for the fall so its probably safe to assume she's gone, but then why would they have even started the whole Hurly/Hospital/Libby flashback if they don't plan on doing more with her in the mental ward. I don't know, she can't be dead can she? Can either of them? Ana Lucia? I love her now. She's such a great character and Michelle Rodriquez has actually softened up some. She's not like watching Jade (from Top Model) all harsh and butch... she's kinda girly now with quite the backstory and I need more.

That being said... I FUCKING HATE MICHAEL! Not just for killing the two new girls but for just being such a bland character until episode 42. Come on Damon and Carlton, he's the man with the power over all of them? That's what the preview told me. I have to listen to my Lost Podcast with Damon and Carlton for this week because they better have answers and justifications. Michael fucking sucks. And keep that gangly whatsit of a kid in that jungle because he's pointless too. Douche.


- Ana Lucia was working as a "wander" for airport security at LAX after she killed the man that shot her.

- Ana Lucia not only met Jack's Dad in the same fashion she met Jack but also flew to Australia with him as "protection."

- Jack's Dad doesn't blame Jack for what he did.

- Jack's Dad has a daughter living in Australia that must be young.

- Jack has no clue of this alleged sister.

- Ana Lucia briefly met Sawyer minutes before Jack's Dad met Sawyer.

- Hurley's a bad date.

- Michael either is evil, "The Man" in charge, or sent by The Others to not only get Henry Gale back but to also kill the woman that took out 2 of their own (Ana Lucia).

- Was Michael dipped in the Rimbaldi/Bristow Gene Pool like Ana Espinosa? Is that really Michael?

And something y'all learned today... I fucking despise the character of Michael and wish he would have died in the initial crash of Flight 815.

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