You Are Not Alone (d*bitch)...
isn't that some horrid r&b song? gross

It seems that a website called PhillyBlurb agrees with your sentiments to the T! Here's a little excerpt from an article on Elliott's diabetes (and that picture is scare-to-the-ah):

His Abe Lincoln-style sideburns make him look like a cross between an Amish farmer and street gangster. And sometimes he even looks like a leprechaun cautiously coveting his pot of gold.

I don't know about a pot o' gold but if Sarah Vowell was to write a book about Idol and Historical Crossovers she'd be all set to start page one with Elliott Yamin! Remember that chin strap? Sicka!


  • It's nice to know that you give credit where credit is due. The only thing they forgot was the drunken part. I don't normally pick on the handicap (only you), but I don't see him as handicap. So I guess I won this round. Hope to duel with you again soon.

    By Anonymous db*tch, at 5/08/2006 02:47:00 PM  

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