Everwood's Been Rockin' & Pill Poppin'

So, it's no secret that the now defunct "Everwood" in its 4th season is one of my favorite shows on television. It continues to get stronger and stronger each week and season. From Colin's death to Hannah's heartbreak "Everwood" has remained a consistent and powerful dramatic presence on my flatscreen! I don't write about it enough because I often can't watch it until Tuesday morning or really late Monday night and by that point I'm spent. Here are some thoughts on the most recent two episodes: "All The Lonely People" and "Enjoy the Ride."

"Enjoy The Ride" (aired May 15, 2006)
It's quote night in that sleepy town of "Everwood" again! Why waste any time...

Amy: "Are you listening to Sarah McLachlan?"
Bright: "Shut It!"

Amy: "Isn't being there for him (Reid) the Christian thing to do?"
Hannah: "Oh please, you know... if he accomplished what he set out to do, he'd be on his way to *whispers* H-E-double hockey sticks right now. It's a sin remember. So don't even try to bring Jesus into this!"

Reid: "I really feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz right now."
Ephram: "And you wonder why we always think you're gay!"

Over all a pretty damn good episode but I kept wondering when Bright was going to fly through that glass window. Then when the episode was over I realized that The WB showed the wrong week preview at the end of last week's episode. Tards. I'm not complaining because they've been talking up a death for months now and if this is forshadowing I want no part in it. I can wait. (subliminal: don't kill bright, don't kill bright)

When did Amy Abbott become the stable one in the family? She's been the most on top of her emotions and her world lately. I like sane and stable Amy Abbott, I miss her. No more college Amy Abbott she's icky.

Rose and Harold really had me teary this week. Their avoidance of each other and then Harold's final declaration of longing to her just had me weepy. I love them! I don't want Rose to die either, just throwing that out there.

Hannah and Bright continues to bother me to no end. I love them together, I love them apart, I just love the two of them. Bright is really in a funk and I do not see him coming out of it. He is suffering so bad (and he should) and he just wants to be able to feel right again with her. The blind date that Amy set up - though innocent is obviously going to push Bright over the edge. Fragile Bright is a wonderful addition this year. Who knew years ago he could be this person? I love him. And Hannah? Forget about it, she once again pulls off a power performance tonight. Sarah Drew, I worship the ground you walk on!

Thank god Delia realized that that Talia girl is the devil. Her Mother, sorry Sweater Set? Wow! Nina, going attack mode on the Mother? AMAZING! Go Nina! And once again, Nina and Andy have this amazing unspoken connection. It's really a tribute to the acting because these two really make it seem effortless and real. She didn't even have to say that she couldn't help with Delia's BatMitzvah anymore because of Jake... she just needed to look at him and he got it. That's incredible! Where's Sarah Purcell when you need her?

Wow, Justin Kirk is on "Everwood" and his storyline is horribly depressing. But look, its Justin Kirk everyone!

Grade A episode.

"All The Lonely People" (aired May 8, 2006)
Reid tries to kill himself. So? Have we done enough with Reid this season to warrant the shedding of tears? No, but this episode had many other great things happening!

Ephram continues his savior complex that's been building all season. Now we know it stems from not being able to fill that void in his life left after Madison gave their lovechild up and rightfully so. Kids having Kids... Anyhow, Ephram finds Reid on the floor and continues for the next 40 minutes to punish himself for not being able to help him and not reading the warning signs of his depression. A little trite but overall believable. He took on Kyle's problems in the same manner. Ephram needs some alone time and self centering so off to NYC he goes (and Amy drove him to the bus which was a really nice interaction - reminded me of old days). Oh and while we're on it. Why does he seem to take the bus to NYC each year? Seriously, the bus from Colorado to NYC must take a week. That's sucky even with an iPod. Oh god, the creatures you meet on a bus.

Bright and Dr. Abbott have some amazing personal scenes together! The first time in forever. The first zinger out of their time spent together had me rolling:

Bright: "Maybe its a viral thing, like an epidermis."
Dr. Abbott: "Epidemic... Why do I even bother?"

Also had me rolling was Nina's reaction to Sam's lice problem:

Andy: "Nina, you don't have a Pantene problem; you have a lice problem!"
Nina: "Oh my god. I'm the worst Mother in the world. I'm gonna go to jail..."

Oh, Nina just keeps getting better and better! I love how her and Andy's interaction now always has this tinge of sexual frustration. Their bed scene, after Nina has showered and showered was amazing! They were able to walk a fine line between cliched lines and over sentimentalizing. It seemed like in that moment she had realized that she needs to move on from Jake. That was until Dr. Dimples came back home ready and emotionally available to move on. Damn Dr. Dimples! How dare you finally be ready for the greatness that is Nina!

"Everwood" if its true you are leaving us for good I will be sad but content in knowing you had a great 4 years and that I was moved by your show. Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun you've done an amazing job with this small town show that always gave you plenty of teen angst and love while still being able to showcase the adults in the group. Amazing! Now be warned, if you kill Bright I will not be pleased and I will in fact take back every word I just wrote.


  • You're totally right, Dan. Everwood is one of those shows that I LOVE to watch but don't appreciate it like I should. Knowing that it will end though makes me incredibly sad. I will miss my friends and hope they will all survive and live happily ever after in the Everwood in my mind.

    By Anonymous Donna, at 5/17/2006 09:06:00 AM  

  • Donna, with all your evening activities and sporting events I'm amazed you've been able to stick with it! You and I will have a good cry come June or July or whenever it is they decide to air the SERIES finale. Sad, sob.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 5/17/2006 10:37:00 AM  

  • We will have a cry I'm sure, since it's now official. 7th Heaven was renewed? WTF? I thought they had a series finale?

    I'm not playing hockey for the summer, so I'll have plenty of time for movies now!!

    By Anonymous Donna, at 5/18/2006 02:15:00 PM  

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