Xander and Cordy Back Together Again!

According to Zap2it, ABC Family is plopping these two once upon a time lovers back together for a fun filled romp of demon slaying and by slaying demons I mean killing kids... its ABC Family, what do you expect? Isn't that what the channels all about? Killing families and torturing kids? No? Wait, are they not playing Xander and Cordelia? Christ...

LOS ANGELES -- ABC Family will host a mini-"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" reunion this fall as two of the show's former stars, Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter, reteam for a movie at the cable channel.

Carpenter and Brendon will co-star in "Relative Chaos," a comedy about simmering sibling rivalries that come back to the surface at a family reunion. The movie, which also stars Christopher Gorham ("Out of Practice") and NFL great Terry Bradshaw, begins filming later this month and is scheduled for a September premiere.

Gorham -- who guest-starred on a 1998 "Buffy" episode -- plays Dil Gilbert, who's dreading a trip home to see his family. His dad (Bradshaw) every year puts his kids -- Dil, Gil (Brendon) and Lil (Jenn Robertson) through a series of competitions known as the Gilbert Cup, and Dil has never won.

He may, however, have a secret weapon in his new girlfriend, Katherine (Carpenter). She's a type-A business consultant who vows to help Dil win the Cup by any means necessary. Mayko Nguyen ("Tilt") and Fiona Reid ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") round out the cast.

Matt Goldman wrote "Relative Chaos," and Steven Robman ("I Do, They Don't," "Gilmore Girls") will direct.Brendon and Carpenter co-starred on "Buffy" for the show's first three seasons, before she joined its spinoff, "Angel."

Brendon was a regular on FOX's short-lived "Kitchen Confidential" this season, while Carpenter had a recurring part on "Veronica Mars."Both have also starred in ABC Family movies in the past -- Carpenter in 2003's "See Jane Date" and Brendon in 2004's "Celeste in the City."


  • Killing babies; ABC isn't some code name for Abortions By Cordelia! Very Funny Ducky.

    By Anonymous LittleKidLover, at 5/24/2006 09:13:00 AM  

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