Lost Season 2 Finale

“Ms. Whidmore, it’s us… I think we found it!”

What the hell just happened? Some arctic exploration team who wastes their days drinking and playing games is monitoring electromagnetic anomalies for Penelope Whidmore and this is the second time they’ve witnessed these anomalies! Too bad they missed the last one (presumably the first “System Failure” we witnessed earlier this episode). Is Mr. Whidmore (Caleb Nichol from “The OC”) the “him” in question? Is Mr. Whidmore part of the Dharma Initiative? Is Penny involved or just searching for Desmond Hume? I have questions, many many questions! I’m frustrated damnit!

Good frustration people, like when you can’t climb all the way to the top of the rope in gym class but you don’t mind because that burning sensation in your groin is better than the physical accomplishment or the certificate the President may send you at the end of the school year… that kind of frustration and annoyance.

I absolutely was blown away by the finale. It was a 2 hour thrill ride with so much information I feel like I need a lobotomy so I can just start from scratch – my brain is in overload with Losties, Tailies, Desmond, The Others, etc.

Desmond Hume’s flashbacks revealed a ton of information about Her Majesty’s Army and his dishonorable discharge and subsequent Prison release (which we don’t quite know all about yet – what did he do?)

- Our Departed Libby (the boat he was racing around the world on was given to Desmond by Libby. It was her husband’s boat but then he died – I assume this is part of why she went crazy)

- The Whidmore’s (Caleb-Because really can you think of anything else and Penny. Penny was Des’ love and Caleb tried to pay Des off to keep him away from her. He didn’t take the money so look where he ended up.)

- How he got to the island (on Elizabeth which sailed from Newport Beach, CA while on his “race” around the world which just happened to be sponsored by Caleb Nichol-Whidmore.)

- Who Kelvin was (Kelvin rescued Desmond as he washed ashore on the island. Kelvin is also the military guy that we saw earlier this year who forced Sayid to torture his superior and reminded him he’ll do it again. He also then is either equal to or superior to Kate’s dad.)

- Where the boat came from (see above Libby reference.)

- How the glow in the dark detergent map was created (Kelvin continued working on the map of the hatches after his first partner in the hatch, Rosinski, blew his brains out.)

- Why they need to input the numbers and what happens when you don’t press the button (the electromagnetic current gets so strong that if you don’t push the button every 108 minutes, that super scary System Failure occurs – the button releases the pressure somehow and allows for the thing to build up again only to be pushed in another 108 minutes)

- Why the plane crashed (two words folks… “SYSTEM FAILURE”)

- And finally what that fail safe does (a big bang like violet light and super sonic noise encompass the island and blows the quarantine hatch clear to the other side of the island almost impaling Claire)!

Let’s talk about Kelvin Inman and “Him” for a second? After he shows up in a yellow biohazard suit, drags Desmond through the jungle and into the Swan Hatch, Desmond awakes and Kelvin asks “Are you Him?” then he asks him the riddle “What did one snowman say to the other?” Desmond doesn’t know the answer. Um, but minutes prior we learned that Locke not only knows the riddle but the answer. I guess this was brought up in the second episode this season when Locke and Desmond were in the hatch. Does this mean that Locke may have a tie to whomever this “Him” is? Is Locke “Him”?

“Him” – Right now we are to assume that Caleb Nichol-Whidmore is the “Him” in question. Prior to the finale I pretty much assumed that Henry Gale was “Him” though he referred to “him” before so maybe not. I will say that they didn’t necessarily disprove that theory last night – he was the final Other to show up and they all seem to answer to him so could he be the “Him”?

Is Ms. Bea Klugh “Him”? She wields a lot of power in that group. I guess we continue to hold on the “Him” issue. BTW, “Thanks for telling them my name Bea!” was such a great line. Tom aka. Zeke aka Mr. Friendly really is at the low end of that totem isn’t he? He almost seems afraid of Henry Gale. Henry asked why he didn’t have his beard on and he just kinda sheepishly shrugged his shoulders and said “I think they already know” but there was this little kid fear quality to him. It was just an interesting dynamic.

I cannot believe that The Others gave up Walt in the end. I think they’re scared as shit of him so they just want him gone. Either that or they are sending stupid Michael and Sketchville Walt to a worse fate than death… Coordinates 325.

Michael: “Who are you people?”
Henry Gale: “We’re the good guys…”

I soooooo wanted that boat to just explode because you all know I cannot stand Michael and think he ruins the integrity of the show.

Now how incredible was the scene where Jack forced Michael to confess that he was selling Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley down the river? And even better that Michael had to admit he freed Henry Gale, killed Ana Lucia and Libby! Jack’s hot when he’s sweaty and pissed off! Whew! Kate was stunned and Sawyer surprisingly looked really hurt and crushed that he killed Ana. Hurley though, I expected him to just lunge at Michael! Amazing scene! Actually each of their jungle scenes were incredible. Them finding the pneumatic tube landfill! All of them being darted and going into convulsions while Jack realizes Michael once again set them up! WOW! And finally with The Others on the PALA FERRY Pier (interesting – a named ferry stop on that island of nothingness).

What do you think the look Jack and Kate gave each other meant before they were hooded for the last time? Sawyer was obviously not in on whatever it was the two of them were getting at. I think that getting captured by The Others was their plan all along. Once Jack knew they were being set up, he wanted to play this out. It’s an interesting thought and could lead to quite the shift next season if The Others took them because they were the strongest and had the most to offer – a peace offering of sorts on the two tribes. Or are Jack and Kate hatching an escape plan? Until Fall we wait.

Time for a quote:
Hurley: “Did that bird just say my name?”
Sawyer: “Yeah, it did, right before it crapped gold!”

God I love Sawyer! And wait, what’s with the pterodactyl thing swooping at them? I replayed that a couple times because even though I think its just a squeal it kinda does sound like it says Hurley!

And um, that jungle whispered “Elizabeth” once or twice! Last time we heard those whispers was when Walt appeared to Shannon and Cindy disappeared from the tailies. What the hell is that all about? Poor Libby. She looked like a cancer patient with that dirty blonde wig and now she’s dead and the jungle whispers her name. That’s normal.

Also normal, the Big 4 Toed Roman Statue!

Finally, can we talk about how frakking amazing SYSTEM FAILURE is? It’s like the end of the world but you’re excited amazing! Both times we witnessed the failure in the finale I was shitting my pants. It was so tense and scary with all the grumbling, ground shaking, metal flying, and hieroglyphics that I was on the edge of my seat!

Why didn’t Desmond tell Locke earlier that something actually does happen when you don’t punch in the numbers? That’s kind of a big scary oversight! Especially when Desmond realizes that the System Failure on 9.22.04 may have been what ripped Oceanic Flight 815 in half. Just a thought!

I enjoyed that Locke was willing to go through with the whole thing in order to understand where he stood with his own faith and destiny. He was willing to let it all go to finally understand the internal conflict that is John Locke… Boxman!

I just loved the episode and it got me geared up for another season - it did its job! I cannot wait until Fall!


  • Wow wow wow! I love this show!

    Anyone with any ideas or theories they wanna share with someone, throw them my way please. I would love to hear them.

    Also, have people been following the hanso foundation website? It's been closed down at the moment because of hackers! Hmmm!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2006 07:53:00 PM  

  • I completely agree with you ... you made a terrific summary of the most crazy and amazing things that happened on the last episode of the second season... I cannot wait for it to start back (In Argentina it may take at leats 6 months but of course I HAVE to get it sooner). Great comments !! Guadalupe.

    By Anonymous Guadalupe, at 10/09/2006 12:19:00 AM  

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