Serenity Now!

So the theatre I work for has had this booked for over a month now and we are a part of the Browncoats Nation. If you live in the Boston area head on over to The Coolidge on June 23rd for a benefit screening of Joss Whedon's Serenity!

In honor of his birthday, theatres around the country are screening the film about Capt. Mal and Co. with proceeds going to Equality Now (Whedon's charity of choice). The only reason I bring it up now (as I was waiting a week or two) is that I just read an article on it so publicity is beginning. For locations nearest you, head on over to:

Here is the Coolidge blurb on our screening:

Joss Whedon's
Serenity Now/Equality Now benefit screening $8.50 all seats Fri Jun 23

June 23 is the birthday of Joss Whedon, the creator of the cult classic television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which you know we love at the Coolidge), and Firefly, the sci-fi western television show (unceremoniously canceled by Fox) that defied the odds and jumped to the big screen in SERENITY. Not only is it one of the best space adventures ever filmed with an amazing ensemble cast, but director Joss Whedon is also an incredibly nice guy. How nice? He's arranging these special screenings of SERENITY across the country on this day so that the profits go to his favorite charity, Equality Now, which protects and promotes the human rights of women around the world. Not only is this special screening a benefit for charity, but it's a benefit for the viewer as well - another chance to see this modern-day classic on the giant screen!

*I know that as of this past weekend, our screening was already close to being sold out - so get tickets early!


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