McPheever Has a McBoyfriend!

Millions of lesbians across the country just jumped from their bamboo thatch roofs; okay so maybe lesbos weren't on the McPheever Wagon but someone must have been... John Mayer was! Per Extra TV:

She stole the hearts of millions of Americans with her beautiful voice and her gorgeous looks, but has one certain guy caught a special case of McFeever? "Extra" spotted a young man with Katharine's parents in the "Idol" audience. This was the same guy who gave her a big hug in a previous "Idol" homecoming clip.

So is this Katharine's special guy? Yes -- "It's my boyfriend," Katharine confirmed. "We've been keeping it on the DL. He's the one who brought me to my first audition." Meanwhile, Katharine revealed that Grammy winner John Mayer did once contact her for date. "He told me he had a crush," McPhee revealed. "And I said, ‘Thank you very much.'" It was the smooch seen around the world, but then the Ryan Seacrest-Teri Hatcher romance fizzled.

So is it true that Seacrest wanted out of the relationship? Yes -- Ryan told the New York Times that he blames his busy schedule and all the media madness for the sudden breakup. She's the Carolina cutie, and he was the season four heartthrob, but do Kellie Pickler and Constantine Morales share more than just a spot in "Idol" history together?


  • Wait, I thought Kat was dating Tom aka Zeke from LOST? Isn't that what this whole TomKat thing has been about? No?

    By Anonymous Damon and Carlton, at 5/31/2006 09:36:00 AM  

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