Fresh Meat Jerks Off Danny & Ev

So if you look back through the archives, you will no doubt see a posting from the pre-season of Real World Austin. In said posting (which I'm not linking to because it incriminates me) I may have mentioned that Danny was the hottest thing ever to grace the RW screen. That was until he opened his mouth, got his head crushed in, became a total DB, and later proposed to Mel in which he'd known for like all of 6 months. No real relationship can bloom under the reality television lens. Period.

The point is, Danny is gone! It didn't take long but it was well worth having him on the show just to see other teams join together in taking the Real World Austin couple out! In what only happens on the incestous world of Real World and Road Rules Challenges teams finally worked together out of spite and vindictivness! Its everything you want all reality shows to do but they can't because they don't know a person well enough or they feel bad... not on this shit. They will cut your throat for the money, they'll kidnap your children and punch your grandmother if it means getting their greedy no-job hands on some cash! Their worthless talents and endless greed is what keeps me watching these challenges. Well that and my bitches!

Coral got the one Fresh Meat contestant that seriously fits in with the group. I thoroughly enjoy this Evan kid! He and Coral will be great fun and are already the team to beat! And how did Coral not give a beat down when that girl touched her skin? I damn near died!

A toast to the cast of RW/RR Freshmeat for what I hope will be quite the season of drama!


  • I totally missed this, who debuts their show on Memorial Day? Hopefully MTV repeats this. Um yeah.

    So The Miz is off eating pig balls, and now Theo is audtioning on Last Comic Standing. No wonder they had to do the Fresh Meat thing, the old faithfuls are realizing there are other reality shows they can pimp themselves on. Can a Coral/Julie team on the Amazing Race be far behind?

    By Blogger Scooter, at 5/31/2006 04:15:00 PM  

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