So You Think You Can Dance

OH SWEET JESUS! I have never laughed so hard in my life as watching this clip over and over. What a retard! I just can't stop watching it. Thank The Devil For You Tube!

Update: I just watched it again. OH MY GOD it must have hurt so bad. I just can't stop watching it. Oh there he goes again! Is that his hat that falls off or his jaw and teeth spilling onto the stage? Oh god its too much.

Update 2: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! Again there he goes. Seriously folks this is my new Romanian dancer clip - where that guy dances and spins and then nails that person in the head with his foot. Oh god, this is better!

Update 3: I just found the clip I was talking about! Oh I'm seriously going to hemmorage today! Maybe Chris Daughtry will come sing to me while it happens. YOU DON'T KNOW!


  • OK, now you have me laughing hysterically at both clips AND I'm at work! So freakin' funny! Thanks for the laughs.

    By Blogger TVFan, at 5/31/2006 02:59:00 PM  

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