Degrassi Season 5 Finale

This was the first real finale Degrassi: The Next Generation has ever had! Some of my favorites graduated, some got dumped, some came back, and some just plain done wrong!

The 2006 Graduating Class of Degrassi Community School also marked the 50th graduating class of Degrassi ever! It was a fun fact but also one that was completely wasted as there was no reunion of older classes to be seen. And yes, I know its not a real school folks... but as I grew up watching the old school cast, I appreciate any chance for a reunion!

So Paige, Hazel, Marco and Ellie graduated! Jimmy and Spinner are a year behind now. Jimmy because he doesn't have enough credits because of rehabilition and Spinner because he was expelled for the remainder of last year for you know... causing Jimmy to be shot! In the end Jimmy and Spin made up after what's been a very rough year for both. I guess it was kinda sweet though if my best friend caused my paralysis and cost me my future as a bball player I think the grudge would hold much longer than 1 year. Spin too would be in a wheel chair if I was Jimmy.

Ash came back for graduation and apparently will be attending Degrassi next year because she couldn't find a school she liked over in England. Two things to note about Ashley Kerwin's return... she had the worst hat on EVER and I think she took some acting lessons while "in England". Best Ash moment of the night... when she threw up a little in her mouth upon hearing that Craig was once again dating Manny! Oh and Ash kissed Jimmy so he wouldn't feel completely worthless in that metal contraption called a wheelchair. Charity work. I for one am glad Ashley is back, I've no problems with her, though Jon bitched from one end of the show to the other about her return.

And Craig made an 11th hour appearance at Degrassi's graduation. There was a nice, quick Ash/Craig glance, but that relationship is officially over. Soon also to be kaput is the Craig/Manny relationship as come Grade 12, it's Ellie and Craig sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! I can't wait to see these two get together. Ellie and Craig is the perfect match!

I loved watching Paige use Spinner for sex ( and not your body doughboy). I also liked that Paige and Alex were seen hugging at graduation! Afterall, they were dating like 3 minutes before. Hot girl on girl action! I worship the Lauren Collin's character Paige! Okay hon?

How come noone even mentioned Terri? I mean, she would have been graduating and its because of her ex that people were in the scenarios they were in. I think we deserved some kind of mention and explaination for where in the world Terri might be! Is she still a plus-sized model? Is she back in a coma? Come on - give us something!

Oh the big dumping and big ending was with Spinner and Darcy! I really have grown to love Darcy. I know she's all bible thumpin', but there is something appealing about her slutty outfits to counteract her goody ways. I think next season we may see a whole new side to Darcy. I hope so because if I have to listen to one more year of "friendship club" I'm gonna speed dial Satan and send him on to Degrassi to give her a what for. The final shots had true season finale written all over them. It was an ending and a new beginning... Season 6 begins in October and I'm sure great dramatic things will be in store as our youngest Degrassi kids take over and rule the school.


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