Serenity Now/Equality Now
47 Screenings In Australia, Canada, England,New Zealand, United States

Joss Whedon's Serenity on the big screen. On Joss Whedon's birthday.

To benefit Joss Whedon's favorite charity, Equality Now.

Tote Board As Of June 25, 2006
With 34 Screenings Reporting$58,748.76 (Est.)
Our theatre hosted the Boston Browncoats event and sold out our largest venue which holds approx. 500 seats. It was insane. We had a midnight showing and by 10:00pm there were already 200 people in line and by 11:00pm the line went down a whole block! We had to turn away at least another hundred people because the show was sold out before 11! People came out in droves even though it was pouring rain to celebrate Joss Whedon's Bday and to help out his fave charity Equality Now.
The screening began with a video from Equality Now in which Meryl Streep presented Joss with an award. He gave a very funny speech once and for all addressing the one endless question he's asked at every press junket: "So why do you write such strong women characters" He gave about 10 variations on the answer and they were all funny yet very poignant.
Next there was the big give aways; ranging from Buffy comics to Firefly props to charms to a Reaver blade that was an actual prop from Serenity. The Serenity folks and Joss hooked each of the 47 theatres up!
Overall it was a great event and a long event! The movie didn't even get over until 2:50am! That's past Ducky's bedtime!
As you can see above, the total as of yesterday for the charity screenings was reaching $60,000 and not all screens were reporting. I'm happy to announce that at of last night our Boston screening was the 2nd highest fundraiser for this event with almost $4,000! Awesome job guys and we hope to do it again next year!
Here's some words from Joss after this weekends amazing showings:
Thank you. All. First, for all your birthday wishes, which meant a lot to my spectacularly old self. (Special kudos to the person who pointed out that I am now old enough to order a drink twice over, as I have quoted that extensively, and also had more drinks.) I had a very nice birthday and feel terribly well-preserved, 'cept for that damn knee. I saw my friends and destroyed my enemies, so it was a mellow day. And all your wishes were read and appreciated.
But the second "Thank You" is obviously for the screenings, and everyone's involvement. Apparantly there is only One True B!x and we should stop worshipping false B!x's (I had a golden B!x calf that was SO cute, but it's e-bay bound). What an achievement. I wish I could have been at one, but destroying my enemies is time-consuming (and where the @#$% do I hide Goddard's body? He's ENORMOUS!). I got an E-mail from Jessica Neuwirth, who was of course thrilled and grateful for the whole thing. It's by your efforts that my movie has become inexorably linked to such a vital, under-recognized cause, and so y'all should be frantically patting yourselves on the backs. Thank you. It matters. Plus, fun!


  • Thanks for the news, Ducky! I'm SO mad I missed the Montreal screening... stupid work.

    By Anonymous TheNextKristin, at 6/26/2006 07:54:00 PM  

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