America's Next Top Model SPOILED Already?

America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Winner is...

I won't post it here but I will post a link to an article in which they claim wikipedia posted the winner. Now I know that wiki is a user updated sight so some jamoke off the street could have posted this information becuase it's who they want to win but I found it interesting enough to post a link for.

Check it if you dare.


  • I am not buying this as a legitimate spoiler. It looks like they just took the episode description from CW and filled in some names. It could very well be what happens, but there is no information there that indicates to me that this person knows anymore about the finale than we do.

    This is the episode descripition for the CW website:

    "The last three models standing must be on point for the most important commercial and photo shoot yet. The two models that shine at the shoot will remain and compete in a pivotal runway show for the judges. The final two glide down a cavernous catwalk in couture bridal gowns like true top models. At one point during the show, a mishap occurs between the competitors, causing one last catfight to erupt. The judges decide who will become “America’s Next Top Model.” Special guests include photographer Jim DeYonker, designers & guest judges Victorio & Lucchino and America’s Next Top Model cycle 6 winner Danielle Evans."

    By Anonymous rlh779, at 12/01/2006 04:23:00 PM  

  • rlh779, I completely agree though I am almost certain this will be the outcome.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 12/02/2006 10:16:00 AM  

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