Grey's Anatomy "Don't Stand So Close To Me"

I know that there are hate sites, and blogger hate mongers, and even lynch mobs out there dedicated to hating Ellen Pompeo's character Meredith Grey but I'm not one of them. Sure at times I think she's a whiney weak girl but other times I think she's a deeply wounded and lonely woman that just happens to be the character we don't have to love but need because she's the central figure that brings together all the characters we do love on Grey's.

Last night was almost a love moment for me and Meredith Grey. I think it was Meredith's best episode since Season 1. I think it was Ellen Pompeo's best episode since Season 2's "You don't get to call me a whore" shining moment and I think it was at it's emotional core the Grey families most moving episode to date. Somewhere in Season 2 we lost sight that Meredith Grey was a really confused, hurt, and emotionally unstable intern. She became the center of attention and affections for all these McHottie's but her storyline never really progressed outside the bedroom. This season they're working on bringing back our central character and making her more identifiable.

From the opening scene last night I knew this was a Meredith episode. Can you imagine sitting there after the years of being ignored and brow-beaten by your alzheimers Mother to then hear her say: "I never should have had a kid..." Wow! I loved that Ellen Pompeo played that scene so subtely. You knew it killed her inside and that comment is what propelled her through the rest of the episode but she didn't let it show in that moment. It broke my heart too. It was a sucker punch of a moment and I loved it.

The return of Meredith's Stepmom and Stepsister was also great! Mare Winningham will always hold a soft-spot in my heart (St. Elmo's Fire anyone) and I loved her in Season 2. She plays the optomistic but semi-sad and pathetic character sooooo well and her willingness to accept Meredith and understanding of their situation is wonderful to watch. How hard was it to watch Meredith say "you're nice people... but you are not my family" to such a nice woman like Susan Grey? Heartbreaking but understandable. I just loved Susan's persistence though because when she later came out and said "We could be your family" it took everything I had not to tear up. I'm such a sucker but that moment was amazing. Meredith just insulted her minutes prior but she's still willing to look past it because she knows Meredith's had a completely fucked family life and is damaged because of it.

Then, the tyrant Ellis was calmed whether any party involved liked it! Great moment! Like I said... it was a Meredith night!

Moving on. Bailey - a frakkin' powerhouse! Chandra Wilson was working her ass off in last nights episode. She went from being The Nazi to being a beaten down woman in need of a little pick me up all in the matter of one hour! I loved watching Bailey go off on her interns. I loved her calling them whiney thumbsuckers. I loved her feeling so hurt and betrayed by them all. I loved the demands she made and the anger in every action. Her going off on the Chief after finding out no consequences will come to Burke and Yang. I loved her ripping George a new one and setting up a 50ft. perimeter around his Father. I loved her non-stop remarks about Christina and Preston that were said in the company of any and everyone. I loved her comment about Yang screwing up but she's in OR2 and then asking Izzie if she remembers how to scrub in. I loved that she revealed her anger and anomosity toward everyone to be because of her own insecurities and how her interns reflect on her. I love that she thought she had caused Izzie and Christina to act the way they do. I love that the Chief then spun it as a positive and let her know it's okay to let them make mistakes because in the end her interns are better people and better doctors. I LOVE CHANDRA WILSON!

And what about Yang? Christina's so great. Her most amazing moment was at the end where even though she's not talking to Burke and he's not talking to her, she got on that elevator because damnit it was her man and she was a part of this whole process. Damn the silence, she's getting on that elevator! Great scene.

Other great moments:

George's deep deep deep anger toward everyone and everything. He's just in a really bad place right now but TR Knight's acting his ass off. The scene between Burke and George outside his Father's surgery was amazing to watch. Not only was it really well acted and written, I couldn't stop watching to see a glimmer or a moment of hatred in the close-ups between these two. Hell, that's some acting because if I had a scene like that after being called a "faggot" by my coworker you can bet there'd be more played than what's on the page. KUDOS to both in that moment.

Izzie standing up to Sloan was brilliance. "There's a cafeteria on two and a coffee cart on three - I don't do coffee" Snap!

Izzie: "Her patient lived so she gets to scrub in." Snap #2!

Daphne from Party of Five! You dirty bird! I love how the Po5 folks are getting so much TV time lately. One thought though... where the hell is Paula Devicq? Okay so I know where she is but last night when I was watching Grey's and thinking about P05 folks I had to go look her up. Apparently she's been on Rescue Me. Go for it girl!

I heart Grey's


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