Rob Thomas Spills Veronica Mars Plan

Thanks to GMMR for the heads up... Wanda over at E! (you may know her as Kristin) but to me she will always be Wanda - spoke to Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas today about where he plans on taking Season 3 now that The CW only gave them 20 episodes this year.

As we all know, the first mystery ended last night and in January Veronica will set her sights on finding out who killed Dean O'Dell and why. But when that storyline wraps in Episode 16 there's a problem with doing a 3rd mystery in just 4 episodes.

According to their interview:

Wanda: What’s the plan for the rest of the season?
Rob Thomas: Well, you’ll be the first person to hear this. There has been talk—more than talk—about dropping the whole big mystery idea after this middle mystery and to do all stand-alone episodes and sort of a combination of a few things. The network is behind it, and I am interested in heading in that direction.

To read the whole shebang, click here.

I personally think its because Rob really is concerned its the end of the Veronica Mars story and in case they are not coming back for a fourth season, he has 4 episodes to just work on resolving the personal relationships we've grown to love.


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