America's Next Top Model "See Ya Butch"

So I finally caught up with last week's America's Next Top Model and I have to say that I almost had a nervous breakdown watching! For months now I've been saying that the Top 3 girls are Melrose, a twin (pick one... Amanda), and Cari Dee so imagine the shock and horror I was feeling as the bottom two are revealed.

Now, why so worried you ask? Well, I originally had AJ as my girl to win this and after just one bad shoot (and a couple wins in her belt) she was sent packing. Next was Brooke. Sure, we knew that Reese Witherspoon-lite was never going to win ANTM Cycle 7 but did she deserve to go home before some of these girls? Hells to the No!

So there they are in the bottom two... Cari Dee and Butch Ass Jaeda! Up until last night, they've basically drooled over Cari Dee's work and damn are they a flip-floppin' fickle bunch. Sure as shit they turned on the blonde bombshell! She had a bad commercial. BAD. Like car dealers 7 year old daughter pimping your wares BAD but none the less... 1 bad commercial and they're ready to send the bitch a packing. Seriously Tyra? SERIOUSLY?

Over her.

Regardless, there is a point. The insecure beast Jaeda was sent home and Cari Dee survived another day! That made me a happy man.


  • And it makes me a happy woman...Still pissed over Brooke though.

    I'm scared for tonight, they better not send CariDee home!

    By Anonymous Marie, at 11/22/2006 03:15:00 PM  

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