Veronica Mars "Of Vice and Men"

Oh the punny pun pun titles, this week's was a great title for an okay episode. I'm honestly getting annoyed with the MOTW and the attachment these random folks get to Veronica. Plus, the things she's willing to do for little or no money, hello 'Ronnie - it's time to start having some higher standards.

Sure she holds the men in her life to the very highest of heights in the expectation department but is it really starting to ruin her life? When you've alienated everyone you love because you're high horse is comfortable and you want to ride it all day, bad things are bound to happen.

She pushed and pushed for Logan to reveal his secret alibi for Mercer. Did we want to know that Logan and Mercer were involved in a hotel fire in TJ that may or may not have mangled and or killed some guests? Not really, it didn't make me love Logan in that moment. Nor that bitch Mercer.

Keith continued his flirtation with the vivacious Harmony much to Veronica's disapproval. She even basically moved out because of it. Logan continues to be all secrets and lies pushing Veronica to ultimatum and blackmail time. Veronica, it doesn't look so good when your boyfriend discovers you've been shacking up in boxer shorts and a t-shirt with the competition, Mr. Piz.

It is however good to have high standards for yourself and I applauded Veronica's stand against Landry. I love that she's not afraid to confront him and that she's not afraid to turn down a great opportunity with the FBI based on feeling like a whore. Sure, in the end she may take him up on it but until then I'm glad the girls got some morals.

The moral-less Vinnie was back! I just love Vinnie. I was kind of mad he came to Keith and tried to blackmail him. That was not so nice. But hell, if the Fitzpatricks want to know where Kendall and the money are and you're the last one to see her alive do you really think Keith wasn't expecting this at some point?

Speaking of the Fitzpatrick's, how frakkin' scary was the scene in their bar? I loved that Veronica was afraid to set foot in there again. She's wisened up over the years. Too bad she was forced in. I was on the edge of my seat watching Liam pick Veronica up and swing her around the bar like a rag-doll. All I could think of was the scene in The Accused. I just wanted her to get the hell out! Scary but amazing scene.

Also scary and amazing was the ending of this week's episode. There's been a good amount of flak in the blogging community about how they've really pushed the Hearst rapist case to the backburner on most episodes but damn did they move that arc along last night. Veronica left her big gulp cup on the Food Court table as she complained about her food order and when she returned... whammo! Someone roofied her drink and it just went downhill from there.

Having been roofied and raped by Beaver in high school, she knew what was happening to her and tried like hell to get to safety before it completely knocked her out. On her way to her car we saw this scary ass hooded figure looming who then approached as she passed out and with gloved hand turned off her car alarm just seconds before Logan came to save the day. That rapist is one scary person trying to take Veronica out the way they ("they" as it could be a man or a woman and there could be more than one) did. It was a dark moment. Almost as dark as Weevil tying Thumper to a urinal and watching him implode.

So here's where I'm shady. Not slim shady but shady nonetheless... Her closing remarks had me confused. Was she saying that it's worse having someone you love do anything for you knowing that you don't love them nearly as much as you should? Is she saying that she realized she doesn't love Logan in an all consuming way? Is she realizing that there are limits to loving someone as twisted as Logan? Thoughts?


  • Oh good, someone else who didn't think it was the best episode either (though the ending was so good scary!).I'm unsure about this Logan thing. I love Logan, not sure I love Logan as VM's bf, though that saviour at the end won him big points again. Still, I miss the I-hate-you-but-secretly-want-to-kiss-you banter they had before.

    By Blogger vance, at 11/15/2006 01:07:00 PM  

  • I love Logan and Veronica together because Logan loves Veronica...and I want him to have what he wants. At this point, if Logan wasn't with Veronica or on the show...I wouldn't be watching because Veronica is pretty much an unrelatable beyotch. I can't relate to her or understand her most of the time and I'm at the point I don't want to try anymore. Not good. I just hope they can wrap up the story before they get cancelled.

    By Anonymous Madelyne, at 11/16/2006 11:41:00 AM  

  • Madelyne- Thank you! I'm so happy to finally hear someone else has the same thoughts as me. If it weren't for Logan, this show would have lost me this season. They have made Veronica so unlikeable! I'm sticking with the show for now, hoping that when they come back from the break it will get back to it's old goodness, but I don't know if that's going to happen. There is too much on tv right now to stick with a show that disappoints every week!

    By Blogger Rain388, at 11/16/2006 12:00:00 PM  

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