Grey's Anatomy "Where The Boys Are"

I'd like to point out the moment that made me smile before I talk about anything else in last night's pretty good episode of Grey's Anatomy. The Return of Halfrek or as you non-Buffy folks may know her, "Heal With Love" Sydney! I love HWLS and her perky ways... especially when they are annoying our favorite Seattle Grace Docs.

Peer Counseling sounds seriously like the worst thing on Earth. Seriously. Add to that HWLS and her smothering over sensitive ways and damn no wonder Izzie would rather sift through Monopoly tainted poo than talk to her. I really did appreciate the payoff in the end though. I like that HWLS is really just a front because deep down she's a tortured and damaged soul just like the rest of us. It's hard to think of HWLS as Dark & Twisty but damnit, she might be!

A quick shout-out to Christina for her reference to HWLS: "Grinning Puppet Head"

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I also enjoyed the semi-forced but still entertaining camping trip with the guys and the gays. I've always thought the addition of Joe and the Bar was a bit how do I say this... lame but sometimes it really works. I like the bar now as an alternate location but seriously, who goes to a bar that much? When do they have any free time at all and why wouldn't they want to be at home watching Heroes or something instead of hanging out in a bar with people they see everyday. Hell, they all practically live together, create a bar in the basement... I got off topic though. So, Joe and his partner are invited to go camping with the guys? Don't buy it. I'll go along with it, but I will never buy it.

I loved The Chief's discovery and reaction to they Gays. His complete lack of awareness was hysterical and led to pretty much the best line of the night.

"Man Love... it's beautiful. My cousin's gay. Brokeback Mountain and all that..."

I was rolling. He couldn't have eaten those words if he tried!

I loved the SLAP FIGHT! It was so funny to watch, and if I'm being completely honest here... kinda hot. God what I wouldn't give to see these two in a naked tickle fight. I'm sorry did I just type that out loud? A really genius scene that turned on a damn dime! Bam, next thing you know there's a gay getting his head bashed on some rocks. Just verifies what I've always known... the gays are not made for camping! Amen.

I also liked that George discovered Burke's hand trembles. His nervousness as Burke was stitching up Joe's lover was so tense to watch. You wanted George to say something yet he just stayed silent. Truly scary. I wonder how long George will let Burke play this charade? Not long I guess based on the previews for next week.

What else did I love? Oh yeah, that would be Addison and Callie or as I'm now calling them Thelma and Louise. Seriously, why have I never thought of these two as the best of friends? They're a wicked combo and every and all men should fear these two women! Nurturing Callie was a welcomed surprise. I'm glad her soft turn had the typical Shonda spin to it though. Case in point: Callie going to console Addison in the crapper.

Callie (to Addison through stall door): "Don't make me climb over this stall. I'll do it but I won't be happy 'cause I don't really know you too well."

The perfect balance of sass and sensitivity! Dr. Torres rocks!

The saddest moment of the night: That would be Alexandra Holden delivering her dead baby! It was the worst saddest moment ever. I was crying my eyes out at how horrible that sitch was. God, just cut me open and take it out of me... that's what I assumed would happen. NO SHE HAS TO DELIVER THE BABY. God it was hideously painful and both Alexandra Holden and the guy playing her husband were amazing to watch. Why doesn't Alexandra Holden get more gigs? I love her. God, ever since Drop Dead Gorgeous! Note to casting directors, get on it!

The moments I was happy came: Bailey's wrath! Christina's a tard for doing what she did and Bailey is almost going too easy on her, don't you think? I would have that girl parking cars before she set sights on a hospital ever again. And where does Christina get off. She's an intern! How dare she assume power and the right to do anything over a resident or doctor! I want and need consequences for Christina's actions.

The who cares moment: McSteamy hitting on yet another girl.

The other who cares moment: The sexual reassignment storyline. Seen it. Don't care.

The okay, I guess I'm ready moment: McDreamy reintroducing himself to Meredith. I didn't think I wanted it so soon yet the way he did it and the damn cuteness won me over as well! I liked that Meredith at least thought about being independent and sticking up for herself but seriously, who wouldn't cave to those eyes. McDreamy...

And finally, the worst moment of the night: "George, its your Dad" and the curtain reveals O'Malley's Father lying in the hospital. So convenient. So easy. Such a sweeps stunt that again, I saw sharks jump. Why did they need to ruin a completely good episode with that revelation. Shonda, I expect better of you.


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