Lost "I Do" - Fall Finale and Spring Spoilers!

Lost's Fall Finale Tonight!


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So in honor of tonights fall finale of Lost, I thought I'd bring you the scoop Michael Ausiello gathered in honor of his 100th spoilerific column. Head on over to read all the gossip and scoop on Brothers & Sisters, Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, and Battlestar! Wish him a Happy 100th!

He sat down with Lost creators and producers Damon and Carlton to get some answers on this somewhat uneven season so far and where the hell they're going when the show returns February 7th (which is an early Bday present for me!)

I'm warning you, there are some significant pieces of information, some very spoilerish. You've been warned.

Things We Won't Get To This Season:
- We will not see Michael or Walt this season.
- The Nature of the Island or its location.

Things We'll Find Out In The Spring:
- Why and How Locke ended up in the wheelchair.
- What happened immediately following the hatch explosion in regards to Locke, Desmond, and Eko.
- Why and How Jack gets those tattoos.
- How long the Others have been on the island AND their origins.
- What happened to the kids that were abducted from the tailies.
- That the Others community/houses we saw in the season opener are on the Lost island not the captive island holding Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.
- The guy with the Patch will figure prominently into the remainder of the season.
- We'll head back out of the island life to see what the men in the snow cabin are up to and possibly Penny.
- There will be 2 bombs dropped in the spring. A character bomb in the first 3 episodes back, and a story arc bomb or game changer shortly thereafter.

What we learned about tonight's finale:
- There is a pretty significant cliff hanger but no major shocker. Is that learning anything? NO!!!!!!

Click here for a spoiler pic I was psyched about!


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