Ducky's Blogger Buddy TVFan Hates Meredith Grey and Let's All Commuters Know About It!

Congrats to Hilary from Passtheremote (you may also know her as TVFan) who I met at the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day. She's a great journalist and blogger - she contributed to the TV Bloggers Top 5 Picks and today she's featured in a story about the hatred of Meredith Grey! Way to go Hil! Here's the article that appears in today's Metro (NYC,Boston,Philly)...

Last Thursday, 21 million viewers tuned in to “Grey’s Anatomy,” the most talked about show on television. Whitney Matheson was not one of them.

“I watched a few episodes of ‘Grey’s’ this season, but at some point I realized I just didn’t care about these characters anymore,” Matheson, editor of USA Today’s Pop Candy blog, says. “I know there are plenty of viewers who can sympathize with Meredith Grey’s love life and work situation, but I’m not one of them — in fact, I can’t really identify with any of the people on the show.”

It may sound like blasphemy, but despite what your McDreamy-dreaming mom (or ABC) might have you believe, there is a small but adamant core of “Grey’s” haters out there. We’re not talking about scorned fans of “The O.C.,” angry at the time slot competition — these are dedicated TV junkies who gave “Grey’s Anatomy” a shot and have since formed debate-worthy arguments against the hottest thing in scrubs since “Scrubs.” Their number one target: Meredith Grey.

“I think [Meredith] is the most unlikable lead character on any current show,” Hilary Hall, editor of, says. “She’s conniving, whiny and too self-absorbed. I find flawed characters to be fascinating, but Meredith has just too many for me to enjoy her character.”

Matheson might be drawn back if there was less Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, on “Grey’s.”

“I realize the show is supposed to be focused on her,” Matheson says. “But first let’s just admit that people are going to gripe about any female star of a TV show — look at the torture Ally McBeal went through.... But Meredith Grey isn’t out to be the viewer’s best friend,” she continues. “Most people I know who love the show tell me she’s not their favorite of the ‘Grey’s’ gang, but they’re still pulling for her anyway.”

As for the rest of the McDoctors and their relationship woes, critics argue the love triangles get a little too “Laguna Beach” for a hospital drama.

“I know ‘Grey’s’ is supposed to be soapy, but all of the boy-girl drama gets so exhausting that after about 20 minutes I feel like I need a nap,” Matheson says. “Honestly, one thing that turns me off about this show is a tendency for some characters to revert to weird, sixth-grade attitudes about romantic relationships. Maturity may not be as witty, but it would be refreshing.”

The defense:
Victor Balta, a TV critic who writes weekly “Grey’s Anatomy” recaps for, can understand viewers’ frustrations with the series’ overly dramatic turmoil of the non-romantic kind. “I think the show has gone over the top at times,” he says, referring to hospital cases that included a bomb inside a patient (pictured above) and a woman’s IUD caught on her ex-husband’s genital piercing. “I know it turned some people off. It’s fun to watch, but not necessarily all that believable, so the thing fans have to hope for is that the writers are realizing this, and that they’re doing these things with a wink,” he explains.


  • I guess if you have never ever had a parent who suffered from Alzheimer's or a career-driven mother of a surgeon you'll never relate to Meredith in such consequences. So why is it not okay to whine about having a parent with Alzheimers? Or having a Dad who couldn't be there for you?

    How about you and the other Meredith haters come back later from your bitchiness and bashing when you find your parent(s) forgot who you are each day? If anything don't bash Ellen or the character, blame the writers for not justifying her.

    If you have the balls to read a decent defence of Meredith here are some links which I highly recommend reading --> and this one which focuses on episode 4.01 -->

    By Anonymous Vash-chan, at 7/28/2008 06:11:00 AM  

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