So You Think You Can Dance Tour Ends

Well, the summer obsession has flamed out, their tights are packed, the makeup a little less caked, and the endless denials of homosexuality are put away in the back of the closet. So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 is officially dead.

Their final show was in Providence last Sunday night. There were high hopes that GMMR and I would be attending and having all access but alas it did not come through so I do not have a final show report for you. I was told by a very reliable source (she has killer abs and contrary to popular belief, quite the personality) that they were going to be doing some whacky things for the last show. I hear the men were doing a whole number in Drag! If anyone can confirm that attended Providence, let us all know.

We had a lot of cities covered in the Tour Correspondents Reports. Not as many as originally intended as a good number of fans didn't send me their write ups or pictures so I apologize to those of you that emailed me wondering where the hell a report was for a city that was supposed to be covered. If any one out there is reading this and wants to send in a quick synopsis or have something fun to add to any shows missed, please do so, we'd all love it!

Here's what we've learned about at least a few of our favorites and their post-tour plans.

Travis will be teaching dance as part of The New York City Dance Alliance. Not only will he be in NYC showing you how to cut a rug, he'll also be taking that show on the road. Look out Boston, he hits the Hynes Convention Center on December 2nd and 3rd. I'll see what I can do about getting into that! Here are the dates and information if you are interested.

Topeka, KS november 4-5

Los Angeles, CA november 11-12

Houston, TX novemeber 18-19

Boston, MA
december 2-3

Nashville, TN decemeber 9-10

go to for further information.

Benji and Cousin Heidi have an instructional DVD coming out. God, this sounds like hours of fun! Here are some details courtesy of Benji's MySpace.

INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS COMING SOON!!!I am oober excited!!! heidi and I have been in the works with a few great companies and the instructional dvds should be out hopefully by January. We have some really cool things being planned and some special bonuses for the fans. Im really upbeat about the idea...youre gonna see a different side of heidi and I as teachers(which is what we've done for a living for about 10 or so.)...with some cool twists!

If you missed any of the Tour Reports, here are the cities. Again, I want to thank each and every contributor and reader. I know that when I last spoke to the cast of the show, they thought this was a great idea and really appreciated the effort y'all put into making not only the summer series a hit but the tour as well! See you all next summer (if not sooner)...


Other Reports/Photos:
- Toronto
- Boston

- Philadelphia
- Buffalo
- Chicago
- St. Louis
Los Angeles


  • I'm in denial about it all being over. I was sort of depressed and sad all last week after the Toronto show...

    (uh. how sad am I?)

    By Blogger vance, at 11/03/2006 01:24:00 PM  

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