Degrassi's Mini-Webisodes Unspoil November 24th

Usually the webisodes of Degrassi are for kicks, with maybe one real storyline thrown in. This upcoming batch seems the same. I actually really enjoy the crazy ones that the actors get to do. I loved the Jay and Emma switcheroo and basically anything with Manny in it. I'm dying for the Toby one listed below and what appears to be a Manazon send up that collides with Bring It On.

While Degrassi goes on haitus after next week's episode in which Sean finds out about Emma's little oral fixation at the Ravine we can still enjoy our favorite Degrassi Community School pals through the holidays.

On Friday, November 24, The N unveils six new Degrassi Minis which begin rolling out exclusively on The Click ( A new mini will premiere every Friday for six consecutive weeks. Each mini is two to three minutes in length providing a back story to existing plot lines of the series, while others are hypothetical takes on the Degrassi universe.

The six Degrassi Minis include:

* "Two's Company" Premiering Friday, November 24 - After an embarrassing moment, Manny (the house guest who will never leave) and Mr. Simpson have an uncomfortable conversation while watching Instant Star.

* "Sean in Prison" Premiering Friday, December 1 - This vignette shows a night in the life of Sean while he was behind bars.

* "Bring It On" Premiering Friday, December 8 - Manny introduces a whole new spirit squad at the halftime basketball game with the Degrassi male student body performing an urban, in-your-face, "Bring it On"-style routine.

* "A Day in the Life of Heather Sinclair" Premiering Friday, December 15 - Through the eyes of Heather, we walk the halls of Degrassi as she's belittled and tormented (or is she the tormentor?) by several of her classmates.

* "Diary of Jay Hogart" Premiering Friday, December 22 - You think you know, but you have no idea what Jay Hogart does while the rest of Degrassi is in class.

* "Toby Dynamite" Premiering Friday, December 29 - A Napoleon Dynamite parody.


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