Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart Go At It Over Manilow

This is seriously the best news of the week. Barry Manilow has caused a catfight between the dueling daytime divas!

Here's the scoop. Manilow was scheduled to be on Martha's show yesterday. Manilow was scheduled to be on Rachel Ray's show today (Friday). Somehow Barry got pushed up a day at Rachel Ray and the sparks were sent flying. Stewart flipped because Barry was then back-to-back daytime shows... Rachel Ray's being the first on air!

Here's what Martha said when she went live yesterday about the debacle:

"We have Barry Manilow here on the show today. Now, listen to this... I have actually never met Rachael Ray and I think she's a really fun, lively young woman and she has Barry on her show today at 10 o'clock in New York. Now that's kind of weird. He was supposed to be on her show tomorrow, but somehow she moved it up to today and he's on live on our show, so... I don't know. I don't know. I think it's just not right for the artist. I mean, the artist should be seen by as many people as possible, don't you think, guys?"

Call Cell Block H and book a room! Get out the vaseline, take off your rings... its Rumble in the Raffia.

Click here to watch the clip of Martha and then of Rachel Ray with Barry. Genius! (courtesy of TMZ)


  • You can check out Manilow's recent releases here:



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