Halloween Costume Debate

Okay, so I'm not attending any parties but I will be working part of the Coolidge Corner Theatre Halloween Horror Marathon on Saturday night so I have to dress up. It's a 13 hour gore fest and a blast, if you live in the Boston area please come on out. It's $20 for 6 films, food, and fun.

Anyhoo, I need to dress up and I don't really feel like going out of control in the gore arena and my first idea isn't going to happen (which makes me sad because it was one of The Gentlemen from Buffy's amazing Hush episode) so I now have settled on two choices.

Here's where I need your help...

Do I go as Tim Gunn or Jeffrey Sebelia from Project Runway?

I'm kinda tall and have glasses so Tim would be easy with some graying of the hair and a suit... make it work! Jeffrey though would be easy as well. I already have a bunch of tattoos, the hair is similar and all I would need to do is get some ratty ass clothes, some combat boots from my mother and write across the front of my neck.

So torn. Jeffrey would be more easily recognized I think. Tell me your thoughs. Leave a comment with your decision please!


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