So You Think You Can Dance Tour Report - Phoenix

by Rebecca

Let me just start out by saying, if there is anyone out there that thinks they might want to go to the tour, but is hesitating for some reason, GO! If you don't have enough money, pawn something, take out a second mortgage (from Chase Home Equity, we are number one in the nation in Home Equity Loans), borrow money from your parents. I don't care how you get there, just get there, because the tour is absolutely fantastic! It was much better than I anticipated. All of the performers were at their best. Here are the highlights and some interesting side bits.

I attended the show with my cousin (which is as pathetic as it sounds). But instead of "pathetic" I like to think of it as a shout out to Benji and Heidi. We are, like them, one boy, one girl, both single, and both Mormon. Before the show my cousin saw Nigel there taking pictures with some little girls (which was also as pathetic and creepy as it sounds). So apparently he is on tour with them, or at least made it to Phoenix.

The show started out with a video of Nigel presenting the judges five most memorable auditions, which included, the transvestite, "Sex," the face-plant guy, the girl that just saw the line for the audition and just got in it, danced horribly, and was devavasted and perplexed in her post-rejection video, and finally all the auditions which were actually good!

The show opened with the top ten dancing in to the "So You Think You Can Dance" theme song, with voice-over introductions by the lovely Cat Deeley. They then transitioned into "Technologic" which was great. They were all dressed in white, but the dance was different than it was on the show, obviously, since there were only ten dancers as opposed to twenty. Highlights included Travis and Natalie's acrobatics.

All of the kids got the opportunity to introduce various segments throughout the show, but I thought Benji was by the far the most natural and comfortable presenter. Travis was the next best, and poor Ryan was the worst. He just so looked uncomfortable up there.

All of the solos were proceeded by the "Suddenly I See/ End of the Road" video montages for each dancer. I felt like the solos were the most boring part of the show and really could have done without them.

Overall, I think I liked all of the dances more after seeing them live.

During Ryan's solo, he was shirtless, which was hot, and he was wearing flowy white pants that were completely split up the outside of both legs, which was not hot. It almost looked like a skirt and was by far the most ridiculous costume of the night.

Travis and Heidi's bench contemporary routine to "Calling You" received the loudest applause of any dance and a standing ovation. Ivan and Allison's contemporary routine to "Why" received slightly less applause and a slightly smaller standing ovation, but they were the two favorite couple routines.

The coolest tricks were in Benji and Heidi's West Coast Swing and Black Mambo routines. The donut drop and under the leg twirl stood out to me.

Travis danced his solo to a remake of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" finishing with a stage hump.

And speaking of the erotic, Travis and Benji performed their "Tranji" hip-hop number complete with crotch-face-switcheroo.

All of the group numbers were changed or modified in some way for the tour, I think for the better. Actually for me the group numbers were the best part of the show. They were all so much better without the spastic camera work from TV. The group numbers included Broadway, hip hop, disco, Ramalama, and Sexyback.

In a couple of the numbers Jessica replaced Allison. I think I read somewhere that Allison hurt her ankle. But Jessica only filled in on the "Poison" part of the hip hop group, and the disco number. Allison danced (wonderfully I might add) in three partner dances ("Why," "Argentine Tango," and "Sexy Love" all with Ivan) and her solo. Other dancers were occasionally missing from group numbers if they had just danced a couple routine, or were about too.

Travis and Natalie performed a new contemporary routine to "Flying Without Wings" choreographed by Travis. It was very impressive, they are both tremendous contemporary dancers.

Ivan and Martha performed the Travis and Martha's Krump routine from the show. Ivan is a seriously good hip-hop dancer and krumper. I have a lot more respect for him after seeing the tour.

Heidi was the girl in the most couple routines, which included Paso Doble and Contemporary with Travis, West Coast Swing and Black Mambo with Benji, and Cuban Rumba with Ryan. She was fantastic in all of them, as were her partners, and my cousin is kind of in love with her now.

Benji and Donyelle danced "Too Much Booty," their first Viennese Waltz, and Hairspray Broadway together and played up the whole great chemistry thing quite a bit.

When Dmitri was presenting the top twenty video segment someone yelled for him to take his shirt-off, and he untucked it a little bit, but it remained on. Although it was off for most of the show and his chest is even hotter in person. Actually, all of the dancers have killer bodies.

Dmitri and Natalie danced their Samba from the finale and a disco routine. They looked really hot together. Natalie is still sporting a knee brace, but her injury never seemed to adversely affect her performance.

Overall, the whole thing was great. It was well produced and well performed and everyone has a lot to look forward too!

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