Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy Spoiler Wednesday!

So TVGO's Michael Ausiello scoops us all again. Here are the tidbits that had me freaking out. You've been warned, there are major casting and semi-plot spoilers ahead.

Casting News:
Supernatural (My New Favorite Show)
- Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny on Grey's) will return for "at least one episode" this season. Let's pray for more.
- Amber Benson (Tara on Buffy) will appear in one episode
- Linda Blair (Exorcist and a bunch of shit movies) will show up for November sweeps
- Veronica Mars' Alona Tal (Meg) will be joining the cast as Jo, a possible love interest for Jensen Ackles character Dean

Veronica Mars
- Tim Foyle who played Lucky last season (got knives much) will be playing a completely different character this coming season. Interesting.

Studio 60
- Lauren Graham's 2 episode arc will air October 9th and 16th

Grey's Anatomy
- Chris O'Donnell will appear in at least three episodes as Fin aka McVet
- McDreamy has a sister and is naked? Apparently we'll meet this naughty sib within the first few episodes


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