duckyxdale & givememyremote podcast 1.01

You two favorite bloggers, Ducky and GMMR have finally gotten around to making a podcast. I know, welcome to 2003 much? Shut it, we're slow and it's not nice to make fun of those riding the shortbus.

While we try and figure out all the kinks in the subscription side of this podcasting world and RSS feeds, I offer you the link to listen on your computer.

We hope to bring you exclusive content, interviews, witty banter, bitchy demeanors, cat calls, insults, hugs, kisses, backstabbings, and all the gossip from your favorite shows so please stay tuned... oh yeah, and we hope to be available on iTunes too.

Show Notes:

- Dan and Kathie introduce themselves, how they met, fell in love and became partners in television blogging crime.

- Upcoming Show ideas and aspirations

- Summer Recaps: So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother All Stars (including our picks to win)

- Fox Fall Thoughts: Prison Break, Vanished, House, Justice

Also, we'd love to know what you think of our first attempt at a podcast. We know there are some kinks to work out and we're looking at how to bring you the content you want to hear. We will also be able to subscribe via iTunes as soon as we can. Stay tuned and please feel free to email me with questions, comments, and concerns.


  • I love how you guys say "First Annual Bloggers Day" - if you say it enough times maybe it'll be true.

    But really I just love listening to you both. I love the podcast. You were well organized so you didn't get lost on topics and it moved along nicely. You guys have great chemistry together and I know it's a podcast but it feels like listening to the two of you chit-chat and I love it.

    Re BB7: I got the impression Julie said the evicted HG would be at the reunion show, not that they'd have the chance to talk to the jury folks prior to their voting.

    Re the rest: I don't have specific comments but love hearing what you guys think about the fall shows. Looking forward to the next one :)

    By Blogger Rae, at 9/12/2006 09:58:00 AM  

  • Hey guys,

    Rickie here. I "absoloved" your podcast!!!! You were able to translate your witty, funny, and entertaining comments to audio! Not an easy task I'm sure.

    I am really looking forward to hearing you at least once a week. I'm just sorry that you guys were not podcasting during our favorite show of the summer was on the air (SYTYCD). Just like you I was (still am) obssesed with the show and will talk to anyone who will listen about it. I did see the whole first season and in the beginning I kind of missed Lauren Sanchez, but just like you Ducky, I fell in love with Ms. Deely in no time.

    DARN! Now I'll have to get another DVR to record my usual shows PLUS the ones you've already made me wanna start watching. I guess I should seriously kiss my already semi dead social life and my hopes of finding a real life BF goodbye! Thanks a lot! :-P

    Re SYTYCD: I can't wait to read and hear your comments about the tour. GMMR will have to forgive all us who fell in love with Ivan this summer. BTW he was great on Ellen... I hope she can get him a job with Justin, but I could understand Justin not wanting someone so attractive and charismatic outdancing him or stealing any attention from him during his shows, after all... HE is the one who is supposed to be bringing "Sexyback." Ivan deserves better anyway.

    Re BB7: At least for me, the show ended last week when Janey left the house. The two "who must not be named" and will be in the final 2 are just an aberration of reality television nature. Poo happens.

    Dr. Delicious might be the best amongst the winners (like that's hard) but without a doubt Janelle won America's heart last year during BB6 and did it again this year establishing herself like the greatest guest in BB history. I miss her already.

    Anyway... Latersss dude and dudette! oxoxoxo

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/12/2006 06:32:00 PM  

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