Big Brother All-Stars Finale Tonight!

So tonight is the finale that we've been waiting for all summer, well that is if we didn't have a final two like we have. Between Scrubika and Boogie, are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking... who cares? After Dr. Will and Janey were given the unceremonious boot I no longer gave two horses asses who won and I have to think I'm not alone.

Regardless, the finale should be a blowout of emotions. Has Howie been institutionalized? Has George stabbed Howie with a kitchen knife? Have Marcellas and Janey hugged and kissed? Will the 5 first evictees tell the jury members of Boogie's evil doings before they cast their vote? The scandalous moments and possibilities are endless. Stay tuned.
I also wanted to take this time to highlight the three Big Brother All-Stars designs I've created and been selling. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the Chill Town products! Glad you're loving them.
Click here or on the pictures below to purchase some of my designs (including Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars, and Ducky gear)...

Chill Town

Dr. Will's "I'm Probably Lying"



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