Supernatural - Season 1 Finale Reaired

As you've read I'm making my way through Season 1 of Supernatural and kicking myself that I haven't been on this since the get-go! SUPERNATURAL IS AMAZING! I absolove it and Jared Padalecki is my new TV boyfriend.

Good god this show creeps me out. I was watching the episode where they have to go back to their old house because Sam keeps having nightmares about the house and I started crying when that fiery figure started coming out of the closet. I'm that emotional invested in the show and I'm only on episode 10!

With the CW gearing up for its launch they are reairing the finale of Season 1 this week on Thursday, September 21st.

SUPERNATURAL — “Devil’s Trap”

SAM AND DEAN MUST RESCUE THEIR FATHER FROM MEG’S CLUTCHES IN THE GRIPPING SEASON FINALE — On a mission to save their father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) from Meg (guest star Nicki Aycox), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) seek help from an old family friend, Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver). When Meg shows up on Bobby’s doorstep, the brothers lure her into a trap and exorcise the demon from her body after learning where John is being held prisoner. While trying to rescue John, the demon shows up and a full battle ensues between the Winchesters and the demon they have been searching for all their lives.


  • Do you happen to know the names of the songs they used in the original version of the season 1 finales that they still have on itunes? The song in the beginning and the song in the end of the episode are different. I have been able to find the first song, but even with a music id, i couldnt identify the last song. If you know then that would be great.

    By Blogger KK, at 3/24/2011 01:19:00 AM  

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