Where The Frak Has That B*%&h Been?

Well folks, I received a few emails wondering where on earth was Carmen San... wait, nevermind. I've been away since last Wednesday and I was so busy beforehand that I didn't get the chance to put an "out of office" type posting up.

I finally was off to the land of battles, pouring rains, winds like the end of the world and finally Manhattan. Oh yeah and all this took place on a bicycle.

This past weekend was the AIDS Ride I was participating in from Gettysburg to NYC. I left Wednesday night to head to NYC then Thursday morning headed to Gettysburg (you know, the one you read about in American History). Friday morning began my ride and let me tell you folks, rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain until Saturday evening.

Friday was supposed to be 95 miles but ended up being 102.

Saturday was 115 miles.

Sunday was 81 miles and into NYC!

It was amazing and trying and painful and wonderful though my ass can tell you a different story. I've never been so wet in my life. The last AIDS Ride I did we hit the tail end of the remnants of a hurricane and I can honestly say this was 50 times worse than that. But alas, for a good cause.

Thanks to family, friends, fellow bloggers, and readers of this site I was able to raise almost $5,000 this year! At closing ceremonies, the ride had already raised over $300,000 and many folks still have funds coming in! That is an unbelievable amount of money to raise between 120 riders and 40 crew members.

Thanks again folks and I promise you I will be posting some Veronica Mars premiere news, and finally will get out the So You Think You Can Dance Tour Updates that have taken place since I've been away!

AIDS Ride info


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