So You Think You Can Dance Tour Report - Boston

When Ducky Thought He Could Dance

Folks, it's the moment I've been waiting for since the minute they announced the tour back in August. It's the moment where yours truly meets his boyfriend Travis Wall. Now for those of you that might be new to the site, all summer as SYTYCD raged on I developed quite the tv crush on Travis Wall. Over at the TVGuide blogs and here on my site, he quickly became known as My BF Travis Wall.

Many folks have emailed me asking if I really am Travis' boyfriend, one 16 year old girl even went as far as to scold me and wish bad things for me because I was misrepresenting myself (first off) and secondly that I was insinuating Travis was gay. Now, I don't know the boy and before last night I'd never met him so I cannot confirm or deny his sexuality. What I will confirm is that there are pictures all over the net of him in drag (not that all gay men dress in drag or that dressing in drag means anything but...) and you can read into what you will.

I don't care one way or the other as that is the point of having a TV Crush... it's not real folks!

What is real though is that Kathie from GiveMeMyRemote, myself and our friends Jenn and Jess were about as giddy and crazed as any of the tweens filling much of the audience at the Wang Center. I am happy to announce however that we were not the only ones there in our 30's. Hell, in front of us there was a couple in their 60's. The woman was wild and told GMMR and I that if Benji comes into the audience we need to back off because he's all hers! Her poor husband, sweet lord that man is deaf this morning because after about the 3rd number he quickly learned to cover his ears (not because it was already too loud but ) in anticipation of both GMMR and my shrill screams! Seriously we were like 12 year olds with our excitement and fits of screaming. You'd think the Beatles were in the house... damn!

Where to begin? Well, as Jenn and I were on the subway over I got a call from GMMR stating that she and Jess just walked by the theatre and there were a zillion teenage girls and each one was armed with a sign. She said it was like walking through Times Square when TRL was on. Insane.

As Jenn and I were walking towards the restaurant for dinner, we were behind the first "sight" of the night. Two college aged girls wearing air-brushed "Big Booty Dancers" shirts. At first I was thrilled but then the reality of the shirt kicked in. Is this 1983? Are we on our way to a Journey concert or the state fair? Who the hell airbrushes anymore? Her Dad must have been a carnie or something. I'm convinced that is the only way she possibly could have found that shirt. WOW, airbrushing!

Heading back to the Wang Center all four of us were screaming our favorite contestants names through the streets of the Theatre District. Many married men looked my when I'd let out: "Travis Wall I Love You" but what are you gonna do? Is that any worse than GMMR screaming out "Jailbait Ivan"? Didn't think so...

We rushed into the theatre because, well we were excited. How else would you enter a historic theatre? Walking is uncivilized. An usher told me to go into the main lobby and enter on the left. As we were making our way through I called out, "Into the Lobby and to the Left!" only to turn around and see that I was with some random men and women all of which could care less where I was sitting! Of course I can't just let it go so I turn around and go "Not that you wanted to know where I was sitting, but I'm sure you're to the left as well... why not!" Next thing I know GMMR, Jess, and Jenn are like, "Who the hell are you talking to?" NEVERMIND, we're gonna be late!

Our seats were incredible. Not too close, but not too far back that you couldn't see all of their features, all their muscle tone (which is sick), and eventually all of their religion (more on that later). The only people directly in front of us were the older couple referenced earlier, Benji's Grandmother and Deafy McGee.

There was much debate over picture taking.
I was going against the Wang Centers rules (no photography of anykind) and heeding the warning of SYTYCD Exec. Producer Nigel. All he said was no flash photography, works for me! Well, needless to say noone bothered telling all of the staff the same information because one minute an old douche would yell at me for having my camera out, the next another person would tell an audience member to just turn off the flash. Really it became a battle of wills and I hate to say it but the Wang Center won. Plus, the pics just weren't cutting it in the dark light and their quick moving bodies. Can they not stop and pose everyonce in a while so folks can pull of a couple shots? Is that too much to ask Allison? Ryan? Travis? Nats? Come on now!

I won't rehash all the routines and all the songs because honestly so many of the Correspondent posts (to read about the other stops on the Tour click on the city of choice at the bottom of this post) have already done so and you know what's what. I will however try to point out some of my favorites, the ones that made me cream my jeans, laugh our asses off, and the ones that made us fan ourselves... oh and did I mention I got teary at one point? No, crap I just did. Don't mock me... you don't know!

We loved seeing Cat Deely if only on the video screens. It was great how she introduced each solo and a couple of the actual routines. It really made it feel more comfy cozy with that familiar voice. We missed her though, terribly. The video interludes, clips from the show, and even recaps that were intersperced were surprisingly entertaining and how can you not love watching that kid do the faceplant over and over again?

First, the solos were probably my favorite part of the show. It truly showcased how incredible each of these dancers are. We really were able to see some personality and style with each routine. Most impressive were Allison's Bjork number ("Hyper-ballad"), Ryan's solo because seriously that body, extension, and control is sick. I also enjoyed Donyelle's Beyonce number as well as Heidi's "my legs are moving so fast I just burned a whole in the floor" routine. Obviously I hearted Travis' solo (damn that boy can spin... right round baby like a record round round round round) and Ivan rocked it (GMMR could hardly contain herself and was up with a standing ovation before he even finished dancing).

Here are the solo's that made us giggle like school girls. Dmitry. I know, I know... how could we laugh at Dmitry but ladies and gents he of course had the shirt off and it was simply gratuitus. Jess just kept going "Come on now..." but let me tell you who was not laughing during Chesty LaRou's number? Some girl behind us that was coming unglued with fits of screaming. We were rolling listening to her scream, whoop, hollah, abounce around. Dmitry watch out cause this girl is not foolin' she will ruin you young man! Wow. We also laughed our asses off at Benji's solo. Obviously it was not a bad performance, it was in fact unbelievable to watch. Whether you wanted him to win or not the boy is a dancin' dancin' dancin' dancin' machine! The reason we laughed so hard is that at the end of the routine he rips his shirt off revealing his lil boy chest to mock Dmitry. The place went nuts! They ate it up but we were dying at how unncessary but brilliant it was!

Travis' choreographed routine with Natalie was a highlight as it got to showcase what Travis is all about. It was also the moment where Lil Jenn fell in love with Nats! Well, in the first routine she fell in love with Natalie and in Travis' choreographed number she fell in lust. Halfway through the routine, Jenn slaps my leg with her jaw on the floor. "That bitch ain't wearing any unders... I think we just saw her na-na" "What?" I replied. "Her va-jay-jay... she keeps pulling the end of her skirt down when Travis is in front of her or she's facing the audience and I LOVES IT!" Folks, I highly doubt Natalie went onstage in front of a sold out crowd of multi-thousands sans skivvies but in the moment it was wonderful to imagine!

They closed out the first act with an extended version of SexyBack which included all of the Top 10. This was a moment of weakness as if you recall from the finale recap I have a love for the catwalk and let me tell you folks, these girls (and Travis) have mastered the art of the model walk! Nothing better than 5 girls in unison strutting across the stage with douchebaggy attitudes to the beat. And then bestill my beating heart... Travis works his magic. You know what I'm talking about. Sweet Heaven on earth! HOT BUSINESS! Benji's even gotten better at it. The best moment (after any moment with Travis) is when Benji reaches the end of the stage and motions his hand around Donyelle's head as if to say "Move it bitch" then he does his best Zoolander! He was kinda hot in that moment.

First up after the break was Ramalama (Bang Bang) and it was even better live and in person. Jessica Fernandez rocked the biggest Frankenstein's Bride wig that I couldn't figure out how on earth she moved without that thing toppling over. Both her and Jaymz filled in on this routine and they seamlessly fit in. The first time Jessica showed up in a song there was so much chatter in the audience trying to figure out who the hell it was. I finally turned around and screamed "Jessica" and as if God spoke everyone silenced. Kidding, noone cared what I thought but how could you not tell it was Jessica? Obviously people have not been reading our Tour Correspondent posts... how dare they.

Other routine thoughts:

Now while I'm not a huge fan of the umbrella hip-hop number it was cute, but when you know that the Annie Lenox "Why" contemporary number is coming nothing else matters! GMMR, Jess, Jenn and I were on pins and needles when this number was introduced. Very high expectations as it was one of the most moving numbers of the summer. I'm happy to report that they did not disappoint at all! Ivan and Allison kept the sexy, the sensual, and the warmth. Both GMMR and I melt over the Ivan/Alison Arm twist toward the end of the song and oh, it was good! I will admit that there was a little shimmer in my eye. Some might call it a welling of a tear, I'll call it a shimmer. It's more for the song and the beauty of the piece, I mean it's because of all the dust and daggers that were in my eye at the time. Yeah, that's it. Amazing.

The Broadway numbers were great. "Cell Block Tango" was incredible, in part because Travis and Ivan get it on before Alison kills Travis! Way hot fantasy action there. It deserved a scream from both GMMR and myself!

Benji and Heidi are so effortless and flawless together, its a real treat to watch. They know and anticipate each others movements that at times its like their one. Amazing.

Donyelle and Benji's "Too Much Booty" delivered as usual. She's got such a great energy and spirit and I kinda love it that both of them call the other "their partner" (though each time they did, someone would scream out something about Travis and Benji).

As much as I didn't like Disco on the show, as a Disco Montage it worked really well. Jaymz can move the shit out of a disco number. The boy was electric up there for those numbers. And speaking of electric disco, um... Nats can hustle with the best of them. I totes enjoyed Disco even though I was dreading it.

The Bench! Oh yeah baby it delivered. Travis is just so good and Cousin Heidi really steps it up for that number. Still a breathtaker.

Again, all of the dancers are great in every routine. At times it was almost too much dance. When we hit the halfway mark I was blown away by how much these kids are moving and having to put into the performance, and that was only the middle mark. They danced their asses off and the crowd was crazy in love with each and every one of those dancers.

There were many standing ovations and you could tell the crowd loves them some Benji! He's super talented and if I find out that he can sing on top of being able to move the way he does not to mention his natural and charismatic emceeing abilities I'll just die. He can do impressions, make the audience laugh and all the while find time to dance his little heart out. Noone needs to be that talented. NOONE! He's great; damn my lame genes...

The Aftershow:
The real action started after the show was over. Everyone filed out of the Wang Center and into the streets. We weren't sure where they might come out and sign autographs so everyone was on high alert. Terrorists could have walked by with bombs strapped to their chests and we would not have noticed. Everyone was on Dancer Watch! Each time we heard a pack of girls scream every head in the crowd spun around. We waited out front, then on the right side. Just in case, I decided to head all the way around the corner to see if maybe people were waiting out there. Oh yeah baby, the motherload. As I turned the corner I saw a sea of people a block long and a couple tour busses flanked by Boston Police vehicles. I quickly called my friend Jenn who was still waiting with GMMR and Jess on the otherside of the building and told them to get a move on!

We forced our way about half way down, pushed some tweens aside and settled next to a pack of girls ranged 13-15. The minute one of them tried to use her friend who was in a cast for sympathy we knew we were in the right spot! I fell in love with these kids because they kept calling their friend a "CRIPPLE" though the girl like broke her ankle; they made it sound like she had a week left to live and that week would be spent in traction or in a wheel chair. Hysterical! GMMR, Jenn and I knew we hit the jackpot! We quick made friends with them, told them about our sites and our Tour Reports, they loved it! Pretty soon we were calling the one a "Cripple"... nothing says good times like using a teenagers handicap to our advantage!

The first down the line was Jessica! Jessica is basically my new BFF! I screamed out something about the "Cripple" which got her attention. I think her exact un-PC words were: "Who's a cripple?" From that point on, we were like soulmates (HAHA). GMMR and I pimped our websites and I told her about the Tour Reports from all over the country. We asked her to do our podcast to which we got this reply: "What's a podcast?" We loved Jessica and she was so great to put in so much face time with us. I asked her who her favorite judge was and she said Shane Sparks because he was always so complementary to each of the contestants. Her favorite choreographer however was Brian F. When asked about that hideous grandma's costume jewelry necklace he had on in that one episode both her and Jaymz thought it was some form of rosary. From NUNSENSE maybe...

Jessica asked who we wanted to see/meet. Mine was obvious. GMMR said Jailbait Ivan was her favorite. I think her exact words were: "Jessica, I've only got 4 days left to live and Ivan is the cure!" Jessica made it her mission to find Ivan and make sure we got facetime with him. I think he was a little scared. He needed to be!

Jessica, we frakkin' love you!

We managed to score a picture with each of the castmembers. Everyone was a great sport! Those girls that were near us helped wrangle in some hugs, kisses, and pictures and we did the same for them! They knew though that when Ivan and Travis were front and center that they needed to part like the red sea! So cool.

My BF Travis Wall was being mobbed so we didn't get enough one on one time as we would have liked, but we did some some pics and he was very gracious in chatting with us. But come on, the kid almost won this thing and there were still 2000 screaming fans to go... we cut him so slack and hope to talk to him in the future.

Now, Jailbait Ivan was another story. Sure he was being mobbed but there was a 100 person circumfrance surrounding us that knew Jailbait Ivan was first named Jailbait and second GMMR's favorite thing on earth (next to JKras). When he was in visual range, all 100 screamed out JAILBAIT IVAN! It was a beautiful site. On top of that, we'd already told Jessica, Natalie, and Donyelle that he was named "Jailbait" so he came prepared! Head on over to GMMR's site for her take on this encounter but he was a sweetheart!

I could be making assumptions here, but I've got to say that some of these girls on the tour love them some gays! I'm talking Jessica, Nats, and Donyelle in particular. Each time one of them came by I was yelling something or other "Donyelle, looking good baby!" and she'd peer up at me with those big eyes, smile and laugh. When she got over, she talked for a minute, took pics, and then climbed up onto the barracade and said: "Get over here, anyone that screams for me that much gets a hug"... hug we did and she gave me a smooch as well! I made the girl laugh and that works for me!

Nats was coming down the row and I gave out a "Natalie, girllllllll" and she flashed her head around like, who said that! A girl was having her sign her shirt when she started talking about how so many people have wanted her to sign a body part and she's fine with them all except the nipple and the you know what! I joked that I wanted her to sign my ass cheek and she said she was game (I so did not go through with it)... So there I am beaming down at her and when she finally got over, instantly in for the hug and kiss! I pulled Lil Jenn up to the front because god knows, the girl was loving her some Nats! Jenn got a picture, so cute. I got some pics and as she was walking away Jenn said, "crap I forgot to give her this dime... I wanted to bounce it off her ass" well seconds later I screamed something or other out again and Natalie came back around and I said told Nat! She seemed game but Jenn held on to that money! Unlike Brooke's encounter in Philly, Natalie was super cordial and having a blast with the crowd!

Trish will be excited to know that I told Benji that she said Hi. The minute I referenced Waiting for Guffman he lit up! Any fans of Guffman were alright by him. Pics, a quick chat and off he went to his adoring fans. He was very funny and having a ball out there with the crowd!

All the contestants played with the crowd. The security guards were awesome as they took zillions of pictures for the fans. One of ours got hit by a sharpie and later with a bus door! They endured some pain for our pleasure, I appreciate that! When the dancers were near each other it was like kids on a playground as each jumped all over the other and made fun of each other. A great atmosphere that really commented on how close they've all become during the last five months or so. It's also a testament to how much they care about the fans and what has come of their 15 minutes.

We walked away happy, excited, wanting more, and loving the evening... On to the pics!

The Pictures:
*click to enlarge






Cousin Heidi







Click here to read GMMR's report of the tour!

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  • Best. Report. Ever.

    I'm so glad you got to meet Travis!

    And this is where my comment ends. I have to stop here because I feel some jalousy coming up :P

    By Anonymous marie, at 10/12/2006 01:55:00 PM  

  • don't be a hater Marie! HAHA! You can be jealous, I don't mind. It was great fun and those kids were damn sweet.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 10/13/2006 09:20:00 AM  

  • What happened to all the tour reports after this...??? Charlotte?Norfolk? *sob* I'd still love to read em Ducky(even if they aren't as kickass as yours) :(

    By Anonymous Lind, at 10/24/2006 05:34:00 PM  

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