Veronica Mars "My Big Fat Greek Rush WeeK"

*Mild Spoilers Ahead

Tonight is episode two of the third season of my favorite... Veronica Mars! You folks need to tune in, seriously... in like Grey's numbers. How this show is still not a mass hit is beyond me. Even when they hand-hold the audience it's not catching on. Is America stupid? I mean, outside of politics, is America this stupid? Frak!

I hope the numbers were low last week because the episode aired online a week early. We'll see tomorrow morning. I saw this second episode a while back (thank you screener gods) and it's a great great classic Veronica Mars episode! Here are some spoilers:

In Episode 3.02:

  • Lamb returns, and sorry to say folks he's clothed the whole time! Lamb arrives at Hearst to torment Veronica and to take Parker's newly shorn statement.
  • Veronica feels guilty for having walked in on Parker mid-rape and not doing anything about it (even though she had no clue at the time).
  • Parker's overbearing and douchebaggy (see how I incorporated it into a sentence) parents arrive and Parker might be leaving Hearst for good!
  • Veronica gets a Work Study Job at the school paper. Her first assignment is not a photo journalism expose but an undercover sting operation to bring down the sorority house (Zeta Theta) Parker left moments before being raped. Wackiness ensues (Veronica in a floral dress, a hideous singing sorority rendition of "Time after Time", the newest legend of the Pi Sig house [the frat house Veronica took on last season], and Veronica doing some dirty dancing!)...
  • Wallace and Logan participate in a Professor's experiment (guest star Dan Castallaneta from The Simpsons) ala The Stockholm Syndrom where we meet one nasty ass coed named Rafe and one mild mannered slacker named Horshack (ah, Kotter -- my youth). *Keep your eye out for a couple high school alums that make guest appearances.
  • Oh, and as for Keith... there's a tip of the hat to 24 (well not really, but kinda if you think about wildlife and metal objects)


  • Okay, I guees maybe I didn't keep my eyes out hard enough for the high school alums, well unless you are talking about Shawn Hunter, the geek from Freaks and Geeks (or was he a freak, I always got those mixed up), and the token hot chick from Jack and Bobby.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 10/10/2006 11:08:00 PM  

  • It was Ryder Strong from Boy Meets World and Sam Levine from Freaks and Geeks

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 10/10/2006 11:10:00 PM  

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