Grey's Anatomy "Sometimes a Fantasy"

First and foremost I want to say I was wrong. I will publicly denounce my previous statement (see PODCAST 1.02) in which I doubted whether or not Addison and McSteamy got it on or not. GMMR, you were right. I was wrong. Now let's move on shall we? Bitch.

McSteamy is like a McStatue with the chiseled features... seriously. Though I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times and you'll just have to deal -- the chinstrap facial hair needs to go. Get a McRazor and go to town. He seems kinky enough to let Addison shave many parts of that body so while she's down there shornin' the boys move it on up to that jawline!

Where to begin? I guess with Callie, she of little shame and lot of nudity. God Bless that girl and her ability to just derobe in front of Meredith and then have the gams to talk about George being wierd in the morning. Meredith's reaction was quite priceless. I love how noone knows how to react to Callie's in your face attitude. I find her enthusiasm for life energizing.

It's so great to watch someone get kinda turned on by their job by getting to make someone better. She was so giddy and pleased with her work and wanting to showcase her efforts to her new beau George that when he went behind her back and convinced her patient to back out of the surgery, it was a devestating blow. Callie storming down the hallway toward George and Karev was a sight to behold and Alex had the perfect line: "Good luck with that!" The kindergarden line was simply superb; she pulls no punches and calls George out as the coward he is.

George is working my nerve. They're trying to make him out as this normal guy when really deep down George is not a normal guy. He's not a typical male. He's sensitive, bumbling, intelligent, thoughtful, and lucky to have a hottie yet they're writing him as if he's McDreamy or some AlphaMale and it doesn't seem to be a wink wink type situation. Is he really afraid of Callie? Is he really a commitment-phobe? I highly doubt it so why are they trying to make George into something he's not? That's bothering me. Anyone else?

Okay enough of the bashing... okay almost enough. I'm still not seeing how Meredith is supposed to be so smitten with Dr. McDouchey. He's back to being a complete ass to everyone around him. If ever the God Complex applied, it was to Derek Shepherd. Wow he's a tool sometimes. Not only is not completely not a gentleman and allowing Meredith to control her own destiny, he's a fool that belittle's everyone beneath him. That he couldn't just walk away from Meredith's lunch date with Finn was most troublesome. He manipulates Mer into surgeries and monopolizes her time. Good for Finn bringing that Strawberry Ice Cream over and for staying above Derek's "patient's owner" comment. Why does she find him attractive (besides the visual obvious)?

Folks, McDouche is back.

Alright back to the jumping with joy over Grey's just simply being great (even with the issues stated above)! Izzie Stevens still breaks my heart. Alex Karev when he's good, boy oh boy is he good (and hot). Christina's cold hearted behavior is actually one of her most endearing qualities and I'm really not so sure she won't leave Burke if he can't be the man he used to be. I Wouldn't put it past her (and I actually am pushing for it). Addison's closet meltdown and Meredith confrontation was great! Dr. Bailey... back in rare form, just as I like her.

Little Miss Sunshine was enjoyable to watch and her not wanting to cause problems for her Foster family was admirable and heartbreaking but so help me SHONDA RHIMES if that girl turns out to be Izzie's long lost daughter I will stop watching this show. I looked out at the waters surrounding Seattle in one of those closing montage scenes and I swear I saw a Fonzie speeding toward a ramp at the end of a pier with a shark frantically circling.

Wow, I think I complained more than praised. It's really only because I love the show and think it's smart and well done and I don't want to see it fall into the traps of predictible and conventional narrative storytelling.

The Songs:
"Idlewild Blues" by Outkast

"Take What You Take" by Lilly Allen
"Dirty Mind" by The Pipettes

"Step It Up" by The Bamboos
"Ballad of a Bitter End" by The Poems
"Can't Get It Right Today" by Joe Purdy

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