Veronica Mars Season 3 Premiere (and Episode 2 Spoilers)

There was so much glee getting to watch Veronica Mars' premiere for the third time last night! I just absolove it and have fallen deeper and deeper in love with a gentleman named Piz! It's official, Pizonica must happen! Get the sky writers, get the ferris wheel going, hell get the garage door openers ready to bombard Rob Thomas' house! Who's with me?

The scene with Piz and Veronica sitting across the street as they bust the Welcome Wagon ring is my favorite moment of the whole premiere. Their playful banter and comfort level is undenyably great. Piz asks her why she helps people and why she's a private eye and she shrugs it off. Then he mentions that Wallace told him about Lily's murder and her face drops. She then has this amazing pause and moment where she tries to give him a real answer because he deserves one and she feels comfortable enough to open up. It's a multiple rewind moment folks and one that breaks my heart. KBell is a force of nature!

There are so many snappy one-liners but I haven't written them down yet. I will highlight "douchebaggy" and obviously "frak" but to be honest there were tons and I promise I'll bring some more as they come to mind.

In the meantime let me share with you the two moments that made both GMMR and I melt. First up, Dick dancing half naked at the Take Back The Night rally. Hot.

Second, JDoh in bed with KBell! Hubba Hubba, someone's been working out and I'm man enough to say that I appreciate a little hair on the chest... kinda hot.

As for ratings, it looks like the numbers aren't huge and that there was a good 25-30% drop-off from lead-in Gilmore Girls. I'm going to hope that's because everyone watched the premiere episode online and that next week, the numbers will increase. Fingers crossed!

And let's talk next week shall we? Now that you've seen Episode 3.01 and are familiar with some themes and new characters I can dish a little about Ep. 3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week" which is fan-frakkin'-tastic! There is a laundry list of things I can't spoil for fear of Rob Thomas actually coming to my house and pushing me off a cliff but there are some things I can!

*Mild Spoilers Ahead

In Episode 3.02:

  • Lamb returns, and sorry to say folks he's clothed the whole time! Lamb arrives at Hearst to torment Veronica and to take Parker's newly shorn statement.
  • Veronica feels guilty for having walked in on Parker mid-rape and not doing anything about it (even though she had no clue at the time).
  • Parker's overbearing and douchebaggy (see how I incorporated it into a sentence) parents arrive and Parker might be leaving Hearst for good!
  • Veronica gets a Work Study Job at the school paper. Her first assignment is not a photo journalism expose but an undercover sting operation to bring down the sorority house (Zeta Theta) Parker left moments before being raped. Wackiness ensues (Veronica in a floral dress, a hideous singing sorority rendition of "Time after Time", the newest legend of the Pi Sig house [the frat house Veronica took on last season], and Veronica doing some dirty dancing!)...
  • Wallace and Logan participate in a Professor's experiment (guest star Dan Castallaneta from The Simpsons) ala The Stockholm Syndrom where we meet one nasty ass coed named Rafe and one mild mannered slacker named Horshack (ah, Kotter -- my youth). *Keep your eye out for a couple high school alums that make guest appearances.
  • Oh, and as for Keith... there's a tip of the hat to 24 (well not really, but kinda if you think about wildlife and metal objects)
Wanna hear Veronica speak BSG again? Here you go...

The Frak!

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  • "If college is a boy buffet, this girl has two full plates and a purse full of boys wrapped in napkins."

    Hands down, the best line of the show. God, I love the writing.

    Dan, I owe you an e-mail. Watch your box. :)


    By Blogger Trish, at 10/05/2006 02:31:00 AM  

  • NO Pizeronica! It's so wrong that it can't ever be made right.

    If they did happen, it would make all the babies cry and we wouldn't want that would we?

    By Anonymous Sarah, at 10/05/2006 03:47:00 PM  

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