Veronica Mars Premiere Tonight on The CW!

Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for fans! Tonight is the premiere of Veronica Mars Season 3 on the new CW! I'm sure many of you have already checked out the first episode online over at MSN. I'm sure many of you heard my curses and cries about MSN and their exclusion of Mac users (no, not those using and abusing Mac -- ie. Beaver) and subsequent praise of Rae for her workarounds. I'm sure many of you have read scooplets here and there along the way in the past few weeks but what I'm here to tell you is that nothing compares to seeing it all in HD tonight at 9pm after Gilmore Girls.

Veronica Mars needs your attention. Veronica Mars needs your Mom's attention. Veronica Mars needs to be in bed with most of your family including your little brother! Veronica needs a three way between you and your college roommate. Veronica needs you to send dirty notes about her around class, anything to spread the word that tonight is a crucial Season premiere for VM and its future.

The CW has only granted VM a 13 episode order so far this season (the normal order being 22) with the option of being picked up for the remaining 9 if things go well. Sure Rob Thomas is optomistic but I'm here to be realistic. Tonight people need to turn out in droves. People need to tune in and tell their friends to tune in or our favorite Sluethella might not live to see her last nine episodes. We cannot let that happen.

*warning the remainder of the post contains mild spoilers. don't shoot me for having the scoop!

Admittedly, Rob Thomas hand-held the season premiere. There are introductions of new characters like Wallace's sugary sweet and cute as a button roomie Piz as well as Mac's perpetually perky roommate Parker. There is a good amount of exposition to lead new viewers along in what's happened to our gang since 2004. VM needs new viewers and Thomas is doing his best to make them feel welcomed... though hopefully not in the way Piz is welcomed (you'll find out, just wait). It's VM-lite tonight but it's still VM!

Veronica's sassy as ever. We find out if Keith ever made it to NYC for Ronnie's graduation celebration. By the end of episode two we'll know what was in the briefcase. We find out how Evil Beaver's actions and death impact Mac and Dick. We find out if Veronica and Logan are TLA. We find out if backup's got a bitch. We see what Kendall Casablancas has been up to and an interesting glimpse into her past and future. We see that Veronica still knows her way around the internet and finally we meet one hell of a hot professor! Ah, college!

Let's discuss Piz for a second. All I really want to say is watch your ass Logan Echolls, Piz is cute, charming, funny, intelligent, and has an awfully good sense of ease and familiarity with one Miss Veronica! Can I coin the mashup already? VerPiz? No, how about Pizonica! Yes, PIZONICA! It sounds kinda dirty, like a watersport (and I'm not talking polo)...

Episode Two ("My Big Fat Greek Rush Week") finds the show back in action! Veronica Mars is back and better than ever. Episode one will hold your hand while episode two will leave you in the dust! Veronica will go undercover as a sorority girl, don a floral sundress, and even dance on a chair! The lengths this girl will go to solve a case especially when she's feeling guilty for not stopping the Hearst Rapist last season. Veronica has a run in with a plant, sorry really its just a femininazi named Fern!

And my favorite of all, Veronica Mars goes Stockholm Syndrome on our asses! If you don't know what that means, look it up... it's quite amazing!

The point is, Veronica Mars is back and you need to be watching it, telling friends about it, and generating more buzz because we really want to keep KBell, JDoh, and crew employed for years to come!

In a Zap2it article on the return, Rob Thomas had this to say:

"I think one of the mistakes we made last year, even in episode one ... was it was so self-reflexive," Thomas says of the show. "We flashed back to the season before, we answered questions from the season before. It was really an episode for the fans. "This year we're starting off trying to welcome new people to the show. ... We're trying to say to new viewers, 'You don't have to know the [entire] show to pick up right here.'"

To read the entire article click here.

Also in the news is a great article over at I love how they sum up all that Veronica's gone through in just two seasons, it's pretty funny to read.

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