Veronica Mars Press Conference - Scoop Galore!

Veronica Mars Press Conference
*Some minor spoilers lurk in the shadows

To hype us all up for the Season 3 premiere of Veronica Mars on the new CW, last night Rob Thomas and Tina Majorino took the time out of their busy schedules to chat with their blogger friends in hopes of spreading the good word that is Veronica! As you read previously I was having some scheduling conflict issues with this press conference but I was able to sit in on almost the whole session and have some great news!

Veronica's a lesbian! Kidding. I did however follow up on a question I posed at the VM Bloggers Press Day last winter which was "WHERE ARE THE GAYS?"

As you know I've always thought Veronica could use a gay sidekick. Not that the person should be a regular or anything but someone that she's sassy and witty with that poses no relationship/love woes for her. Okay, so they kind of filled that void with Mac; yes she's straight but the two have this great witty comraderie so I kind of knew Rob Thomas' response before he answered. As a twist though I asked if Mac would question her sexuality because of her experiences with Cassidy.

Rob Thomas: As of right now we have no plan on Mac switching teams. There are some new key characters, who’s sexuality we don’t make a point to define, but I believe they are gay. As of yet we have yet to write a ‘gay’ storyline for the season.

I thought it was a legit question to ask. After traumatic sexual/relationship experiences younger women have at times searched for a comforting relationship that poses no threat to their physical being and in college especially they can turn to experimenting with other women. It's a phase issue (similar to what I believe was supposed to happen to Willow on 'Buffy' before Willow became the lesbian icon she did) that she could snap out of quickly so I just wanted to know.

Plus, she's a little dykey -- let's face it.

Okay so here is what we learned from Rob and Tina:

  • There will be major fallout from Beaver's actions for both Mac and Dick. It will be addressed in the first episode.

  • Rob Thomas loves recurring characters and hopes to work some Neptune High alum into the fray but at this time for instance, Butters has no plan of coming on this season. We will meet a new college recurring character named Chip and he's the President of the Pi Sigs.

  • When asked about the reception Jackie recieved and if this effected how he wrote new characters (namely Parker) Rob said that he does not let the reception of others interfere or influence how he wrote any new characters.

  • Tina loves playing Mac and finds her challenging. Mac will be going through some changes this season and it takes a lot of work to not change the character we've grown to love -- to keep her the same Mac!

  • Rob is finishing writing Episode 3.09 right now and this is the last episode of the first mini-mystery.

  • Rob will be directing Episode 3.09 as well!

  • The first mystery picks back up with the Hearst College Serial Rapist.

  • The second mystery will be introduced in Episode 3.09 but he wouldn't reveal what it was. He did however hint that he got the concept or idea while watching the Steven Soderberg film Bubble. This will be the first time VM leads up to a major mystery before its completely revealed.

  • We will find out what is in Kendall's briefcase in the first two episodes of the season.

  • There will be new opening titles (credits) that reflect a more grown up, noir, artsy Veronica Mars. Oh yeah and Rob never liked the titles that were attached to the first two seasons of the show. Thought they were very juvenile and didn't reflect what the show was truly about.

  • Tina will also be back on Big Love (HBO) this season. Busy gal.

To read a full transcript of the show, head on over to my pal The TV Addict's site. He was kind enough to fill me in (very quickly I might add) on the few questions I missed after I had to get off the conference early. Thanks Daniel!

And don't forget, if you are on a PC you can catch the Season 3 Premiere NOW online at MSN.


  • Great write up. I heard you on the Teleconference with Rob, which I've transcribed, here.

    Dan's (TheTVAddict) transcript isn't full (or wasn't when last I checked it), but it's comprehensive, and if I'd seen it before I transcribed the teleconference, I wouldn't have bothered. Rob Thomas needs to stick to writing. I've never heard so many "um like you know uh" type interjections in my life.

    By Anonymous She, at 9/27/2006 05:44:00 PM  

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