Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Premiere

I'm sorry to say that I cried more at the preview on yesterday than I did when it aired live last night. Maybe I'd watched it too many times so the drama and stigma attached to it had worn off or maybe it was that damn ticking clock that didn't incite anxiety in me but annoyance. I kept waiting for Kyle Chandler to explode again. Or for Callie to combust while cooking dinner for Izzy and the rest of the Siva-ites. Seriously with the ticking... seriously!

Overall though, a great episode of Grey's. Sure it probably would have worked better as a second episode (listen to this shit America, up in Canada they aired the wrong episode. They aired the 2nd episode of Season 3 instead of the premiere. Way to throw everyone off huh?) If you live in Canada (*cough* VANCE *cough*) and wanna do a quick write up as a sneak peek let me know.

I wanted more Izzy/Denny fall out. I wanted more of what the beginning of this episode was, with all of them there to help her. I wanted all of them to bond but mysteriously George and Karev were back at work -- it didn't gel with my plans on crying through the whole episode. Regardless, a good episode.

Christina was actually the one to break me most tonight. She made me chuckle best when she coined the phrase: "McGuilty" and made me cry most when she broke down in Burke's arms (reminiscent of Izzy lying with Denny's body in the finale). Though I do still wish they'd killed Burke instead of Denny I guess I will survive another season. Fiiiiiiine.

I don't know how I feel about the flashbacks. I understand their purpose and supposed significance but again I feel that they took me out of the emotions bouncing off the walls in the current storyline. I liked the tone of the epsiode and the the notion that our lives change in an instant. The flashbacks represented the changes in our beloved interns lives (through the pre-intern party) and the fall-out of the Derek/Addison/Mark incident (prompting Derek to move to Seatlle and meet Meredith). Kate Walsh secured an Emmy nom last night with both her flashback performance and her teen witch hunt scenes. She was vulnerable and broken but you can tell she's about to make a decision that will change her life (ie. leave Derek once and for all). I even loved seeing Meredith as she was in the first very first episode. It was a more bubbly Meredith... it was Pre-DARK and TWISTY Meredith! Some actresses change so much over the course of a series that they can never reclaim the original character they played (*cough* Jennifer Aniston *cough*) and I'm glad to see Ellen Pompeo can still pull off both.

Callie is a series regular this season but if George doesn't hurry up and catch on to the fact that she is seriously the coolest chick ever I pray she moves on without a tear. She's dark and twisty but still lively. She's found joy in life even though she's homeless and has no friends. I appreciate that! Her spirit makes me happy. George, why I oughta... If this falls through, it looked to me like Callie and McVet had some chemistry there. That would be hot too!

My last rant of the posting will be about Dr. Bailey. Hey Shonda, where's the Nazi gone? I'm having a hard time accepting the forced projecting Dr. Miranda Bailey had last night. I'm not saying she can't have range and emotions. I'm just saying that the way her meltdown was written didn't work for me. Sure she's guilty for not doing more with Izzy and Denny. Sure she's broken down by losing a patient like Denny. Sure her god-complex is wavering but I never bought it last night. Is it the writing or the acting? Hard to tell. I might watch it again to see where I land on this fence.

Highlight Phrases of the Night:

"Last night I lost my panties..."

Callie: "I'm a total freak; I'm that girl in the back of the class that eats her hair!"

The whole "Dark and Twisty" thing

The Music:

Dixie Chicks - Taking the Long Way - Lullaby
"Lullaby" Dixie Chicks(opening scenes with Izzy on floor)

Grant Lee Phillips - Nineteeneighties - Under the Milky Way
"Under The Milky Way" by Grant Lee Philips (Meredith/Derek Meeting in Bar)

Mat Kearney - Nothing Left to Lose - Crashing Down
"Crashing Down" by Mat Kearney

Here are my Grey's Anatomy designs. More to come. I hope you enjoy them.
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  • Hi, I'm one of the Canadians who saw the 2nd episode instead of the season premiere. I'll send you a recap if you'd like. JRC

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/22/2006 12:07:00 PM  

  • I think you'll have to count on JRC to do the recap as I sillily (is that a word) only watched the US network version and only realised this morning that I could have watched the sneak peek to next weeks. DOH... serves me right for not sticking to Canada.

    By Blogger vance, at 9/22/2006 01:39:00 PM  

  • Found this about Episode 2
    09/22 - [Quite spoilery. You have been warned. Highlight to read... Izzie bakes muffins all episode, up until the end when Bailey comes to the house and reveals that she partially blames herself for how things ended up with Denny... Addison chooses to take a day off work and drink all day at Joe's instead, revealing that she knows her marriage is over. Alex has sex with a patient who opts out of having surgery for lung cancer after she leaves the hospital because she wants to embrace life. She ends up indicating she's going back to the hospital and probably getting the surgery. The chief, who's been sleeping in his office, discovers Callie has been living at the hospital and tells her it is against all kinds of code, and Callie points out that the chief has been too. Derek and Finn both show up at Joe's because Meredith asked them too, and she tells them that she can't really choose between them, so she'd like to date them both. Neither opt out. Derek goes to the hotel Addison is at, saying how awful he feels for how she found out, and that he feels sick that the marriage didn't pan out. Addison, sitting in a robe after an obvious shower, nurses a glass of champaigne... after Derek confirms the marriage is over, McSteamy emerges from the bathroom, putting a towel on, and notes how awkward of a situation it was. All of a sudden, Derek doesn't feel so bad anymore, and he leaves.] Source: Kash [Note: As it was revealed by Kristin from E!, ABC switched the order of episodes but it seems they forgot to tell the Canadian network CTV. Therefore, the Canadians saw episode 2 and the US saw episode 1.]

    By Blogger libralinda, at 9/24/2006 10:57:00 PM  

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