Veronica Mars & Supernatural Scoop Is Coming...

As you may recall, last year I not only got to attend the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day which included a set visit and some alone time with cast and crew but I was also able to attend a Bloggers Press Conference with creator Rob Thomas and star Jason Dohring (god bless ya Logan). I'm happy to announce that tonight I will be attending another, this time with creator Rob Thomas and the newest full time series regular Tina Majorino (MAC ATTACK!).

There is good news and then there is bad news. The good news is, yeah how frakking cool! The scoop, the candid commentary, the gossip... hard to pass up right? Well here comes the bad news. Yeah, I'm working late tonight for a Best of Open Screenings series. I'm going to try my best to attend and get as much info as possible but in the event that I miss out on the goods, I will pass you along to the right bloggers for their recaps of the event.

Now, same goes for the Supernatural Press Conference. It's an hour before the VM one. Why am I working late tonight? I'm ready to stab someone. Maybe MEG? Okay so I'll admit I don't know a ton about Supernatural yet but if you've been reading you know that I've been playing catchup since the DVDs came out and I am absoloving the show. It's witty, scary, and Jared Padalecki is not too hard to watch for an hour at a time. Good god man!

I'm a little skeptical of attending though as I don't know how Season 1 ends yet. I've still got 9 episodes to go. Do I want to know more about MEG and what happened to Papa Winchester? I don't know!

Oh, and who caught the premiere of Cold Case last night? Did ya happen to notice our once innocent and loving friend Beaver Casablancas going all crazy on our asses again? Apparently Kyle Gallner has a dark side. He was pure evil again last night playing a Columbine-esque high school student that shoots up a mall. It was way intense and he was scary as frak. Dare I say a little sexy? HAHA!


  • Wasn't MEG the big shark in some novel? There's a shark on Supernatural? I'm watching from now on

    By Anonymous Crikey, at 9/25/2006 12:12:00 PM  

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