Heroes Naughty Niki Opens Up... wait...

Okay so that header sounds dirty but this TVGuide interview is all PG. Ali Larter aka Niki The Slutty Slaughter Queen talks about her character's abilities, her upcoming movie roles, and her friendship with Smith's Amy Smart (whom I love).

To tease you, Larter tells us that by Episode 6 we'll more fully understand what Niki's powers are. She also says that in most characters with superpowers there is someone who's good and someone's who's bad. With Niki, we get both!

Larter: This is what I can tell you about Niki: She's troubled, she's sexy, and while in all of us there's an angel or a devil, you get two-in-one with her!

That's what I like to hear. Many of us have thought she might be doing more evil than good with that dual personality business!

To read the whole article, click here.

Don't forget that tonight at 9pm on NBC we get introduced to Greg Grunberg's psychic detective as Episode 1.02 unspools for our enjoyment. Wonder what tricks Hiro's got up his sleeve tonight? Possibly a teleport into a gay bathhouse?


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