Thursday's Quick Takes - The Office, Grey's

Quickly because I have a flight to catch at 6am and I need to go to bed...

The Office

  • Michael Scott broke my heart once again. I'm so happy that they keep the sad pathetic nature to the David Brent/Michael Scott role. His lonely and pointless existence is so cringe worthy that it makes me sad and happy to be sad.

  • Hands down the best moment was Jim walking in on Angela and thinking she was a hooker that Dwight (sorry "D") had ordered! The look of panic, terror, and excitement on Jim's face was masterful.

  • A great episode. So different from last weeks non-stop laugh-fest but not a second short of brilliant.

Grey's Anatomy
  • Um, hello McSteamy! Sweet McJesus! Why were towels invented? Why aren't we in European countries where we could see the full glory behind that McTowel?

  • Bailey (er, The Nazi) is back and I am a happy man. She has redeemed the mistake that was her weakness and she was able to get through to Izzy. I cried a good amount there at the end.

  • Finn... oh, he's that guy that brings your roommate lunch when she's sad. Swoon.

  • Callie dancing in her pink panties... HOT!

See you all on the flipside!


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