Ducky | GMMR Podcast # 1.02

Hey everyone, Podcast #1.02 from Ducky and GMMR is up and running! Feel free to click on the link below to listen from your computer or on the sidebar to the right to subscribe to our podcast through various feeds.

Podcast Episode 1.02 Show Notes
The fall shows are back with a vengence and so are Dan and Kathie from and On tap, all the returning favorites and some of our new BFFs!


The New Shows:
- Studio 60
- Heroes
- Ugly Betty

Returning Favorites:
- The Office
- Grey's Anatomy
- America's Next Top Model
- Veronica Mars
- Battlestar Galactica

Weekend Plans:
- So You Think You Can Dance Tour hits Boston. Ducky and GMMR plan on ambushing the cast and scooping the hell out of 'em. Jailbait Ivan and My BF Travis Wall... LOOK OUT!

Fun Game:
Count how many times GMMR and Ducky say "Love" or some form of "Love" and email your guess to podcast at duckyxdale dot com. The listener/reader closest to the actual number without going over (hey, we grew up on Price is Right so how can those NOT be the rules) will win a prize!


We'd like to send a huge THANK YOU to those that downloaded our first podcasting venture and those that subscribed via iTunes! We will have a direct link shortly to iTunes on both of our sites. In the meantime:

- Log in to iTunes and go to the iTunes store.
- Click on the PODCAST link and then in the search bar type in either duckyxdale or givememyremote and you should be taken to our page where you can chose an episode to download or choose to subscribe.
*If you subscribe, everytime you REFRESH it will pick up our newest bitchfest (if available). It's that easy!


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