Heroes | Chapter Eight: "Seven Minutes to Midnight"

So last week I completely blasted Matt Parkman's character and its even possible I took a dig at Greg Grunberg but as of this morning I take it all back! Well sorta. I really appreciated his character and his abilities while dealing with Radioactive Man. And acting wise, Grunberg hit it out of the park when RadioMan was telling his blackout story with the Haitian and he realized that he too had a missing gap of time and recalled briefly seeing the Haitian. Then the markings on their necks! It was intense and a great revealation!

I will however state that I don't get the whole cheating wife but I'm not gonna call her out business. Obv she knows he figured it out otherwise he wouldn't have punched Tom out last week but why stay with that cheating whore? He needs to kick it with the Red Headed FBI Agent, played by Stacy Haiduk (whom I've always loved since Kindred:The Embraced - I'm so lame).

Radioactive Man's life frakkin' sucks. I mean, you kill your wife and you basically can have no human contact at all. He's Rogue from X-Men only without the well tailored leather and skunk stripe. I loved that we finally got some payoff with another painting. Damn, do not make RadioMan angry. He ain't fooling!

I absoloved Charlie The Waitress and if her Sylaring isn't reversed I may have to start a campaign. She was so great! She was the perfect combo of sassy small town waitress and sexy smart siren! I loved her so when the blood started trickling down her forehead I was none too pleased.

Hiro, wanting to save Charlie, bent time again but so far has yet to return. He told Ando to count to 5 and he'd be back but hell by 5000 he was still MIA. We did however see Hiro again, this time in a photo on the bulletin board with Charlie and the Birthday Cake. What the hell's going on? What alternate reality is he creating... scary. I knew there would be ramifications of his continual time bending.



Um, and while we're on it... Sylar is one creepy ass dude. He sat there in that diner all day watching Charlie and Hiro silently in the shadows sipping his coffee and possibly contemplating the Democratic victory the previous week - then SNAP! Without warning he's silently and stealthly slicing Charlie's noggin' open and stealing her brain! Damn, he's good.

You know who else is good, in a way... HRG! Claire's Dad (Horn Rimmed Glasses) is the Charles Xaviar of the bunch. He travels the globe searching for these "Heroes" and helps them so it seems realize their abilities and helps fine tune them. He and the Haitian might actually be doing some good in this world! Obviously he kidnapped Matt Parkman so he'd be able to realize his ability and take some control. It seems the same for Radioactive Man, Eden aka The Pixie, and originally Claire's birth Mother (though she offed herself it seems). In his eyes he's doing the right thing. So does that actually make him more the Magneto? Food for Thought.

I'm gonna admit something that I don't want you to laugh at... I got a little teary eyed when he was telling Isaac that Sylar would kill his daughter tomorrow night at Homecoming. There was this real sense of loss in his eyes and then when he sat there watching Claire so happy and excited as she made her death banner, sorry Homecoming banner, it really got to me. I'm so gay.

Next week looks unreal! I cannot wait to see what happens and why...


...these two are completely drenched in blood!

Claire and Peter cross paths at HOMECOMING airing Monday, November 20th at 9pm.

*All pics courtesy of my friends over at HEROES-FORUMS

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