Heroes | Chapter Nine "Homecoming"


HRG: "Neutralize Him!"

Eden has some power y'all! She stopped Sylar dead in his tracks. "You don't want to hurt me... Sleep... Sleep..."

Who knew she had that much going on in that Pixie lil head of hers? She's got a very powerful ability there and I really hope that we learn more about her as the next chapter unfolds. Man, Sylar didn't stand a chance against HRG and his rogue band of goons.

HRG is quite incredible to watch. He is so menacing at times and yet so loving and caring at others. But seriously did anyone else think that when he heard from his wife that she let Claire go to Homecoming that he was going to reach down, grab that yapper of a dog and punt it across the house? No, just my sick twisted mind? Fine.

Claire is one daring girl. She really has become this great character with a no hesitance at all in the face of the unknown and uncertainty. Sure she took off for the hills when Sylar grabbed that twunt Jackie and sliced her head open but wouldn't you? And how does he slice their heads without using any weapon? That was jeepers creepers. The whole locker room scene was. I just wanted more of it!

I wanted more fighting, more action, more interaction with Sylar, Peter, Claire and HRG. I wanted a showdown because honestly that's what the preview made it out to be. They made this episode look like the big bang of all episodes but it was not so much. Not that I didn't love every second of it, it just wasn't a POW BAM BOOM kinda showdown.

What do we think of Claire's friend? Is he queer bait or does he like her? I really couldn't tell. I had a whole convo this afternoon with 2 people at work and none of us could come up with the answer. I always assumed he was gay but there was a moment last night that led me to believe he's in love with her. But then on the contrary there was the moment in her room where he said something about being happy is she liked being who she is. I coulda sworn that was the moment to confess to her, hell she did just ask you to Homecoming, but nothing. Confused. Is he Mormon? That would explain everything.

One last thing before I head on to the other stories this week - how genius was it that all the unpopular and freak kids voted for Claire in part because she damn near killed the high school's head jock? I love that! I love that there he is sitting there in a wheelchair and she walks by not even paying him any mind! She's such a HEATHER!

Oh one more... what is the count of Heroes that have Dr. Suresh's book? Peter and Claire so far. Did Hiro have it as well? Pretty soon, they will all cross paths and its all for one cause...


And Save the Cheerleader he did. Peter Petrelli and his bangs folks... round of applause. He's a very willing and wanting superhero folks. He traveled across the country to meet a Japanese man from the future, his friend and possibly to his death. He's so into what's happening to him that he honestly puts all hesitation aside and does what a superhero is supposed to do. Hiro and Peter are alike in this manner. It's charming.

Not so charming is his brother Nathan. What's his deal? He just trashes the painting - saying it's better for his brother. Sure he knows Peter is dead serious and that he could get killed but come on, Nathan obviously knows more than he's letting on. There is something in his background that allows him to turn off the need to be a superhero. Is he really evil as a lot of us out there have suspected?

I know who is evil. Jessica Sanders. When her name flashed across the screen I was like... WHO THE HELL IS JESSICA SANDERS... then it dawned on me. It's the nasty evil bitch side of Niki - and she knows how to use a gun like no one's business. Is there a third personality in there named Annie Oakley-Sanders. Damn.

The Jessica/DL/Micah storyline was so sparce I wish they would have just left it out of the episode. Sure it was great to see Micah show some distrust in his criminal father but really we didn't learn anything new or see anything spectacular. She sets her sights, she shoots and we never see her again. Well until next week.

We learned that Hiro went back 6 months in time and that he was in Charlie's life until he disappeared a few weeks ago. For almost 6 months he was with Charlie and living some life we've yet to see. It's great how everyone knows him and this is the alternate reality. Too bad Ando is stuck sitting in that damn coffee shop waiting for Hiro to show back up in present day.

Mohinder's storyline is confusing to me. I need more time with him/it.

Alas that brings us back to good ole Sylar. Well, from the brief shots we got of him last night I do at least know who the actor playing Sylar is. Well it's 24 alum, Zachary Quinto.

*all pictures are courtesy of my friends at Heroes Forum


  • I got to say Syler was a real let down with his Jason Vorhees like quickness and Down Syndrome type demenor.

    But there is something to be said that each of Iassic's painting did come true. Interesting how the atomic bomb plays out. Um, shouldn't it have happened already though? Wasn't it right after the election?

    And with all the new shirts I can't believe you haven't made a "I'm homophobic in the way that makes sense" t-shirt. Surely that would make a great stocking stuffer for all the closet homophobes you know (not that I'm hinting at what's on my Christmas list or anything).

    By Blogger Scooter, at 11/21/2006 10:50:00 PM  

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