How I Met Your Mother "Robin Sparkles | Slap Bet"

Robin Sparkles "Let's Go To The Mall"
The smash sensation that swept the Canadian Malls is here in all its glory. Revel in Robin's teased hair, glossy lips, day glow color schemes, acid wash jeans and especially her dancing ability! Plus, as a special bonus feature, Robin cabbage patches with THE ROBOT!

This episode was just simply the best half hour of television this cast and these writers have produced in their lives! I spent most of the show rollin' - I was dying with laughter.

A while back when I was given the Robin Sparkles information, I was I think her 20th friend on MySpace but by this morning there were already 736 friends! Robin's popularity is sky rocketing. And why wouldn't it? Its not like Robin could have been friends with Jessica and Tori forever. We were destined to be BFFs. God, I wonder if Robin watched Degrassi? Did she love Joey Jeremiah as much as I?

In all honesty, this Robin Sparkles bit has completly changed my outlook on Robin's character. I have at times found her to be incredibly boring and kinda lame but after this incident I damn near find her the most intriguing one of the bunch! And on top of the video and song revelation, Robin had a great line last night...

Ted: "I can't believe you don't like the seven dwarves"
Robin: "Only Doc, he's creepy. He went to medical school - what's he doing living with six coal miners?"


Oh and what about her "friend from Canada - who got married way too young." - dying again! I hope they continue that line of reference. It's Charles Glass, it's Heather Sinclair, it's the friend from canada..." I love it.

Lastly before I move on to the joy and genius of the SLAP BET...

Lily: "So just to be clear... you want everybody to go to the - the mall? Today?"


Okay so I don't have a ton to say about SLAP BET other than it was laugh out loud funny and painful to watch. When they received the script for this week, they all must have just screamed with excitement as this is the episode that sets this series apart. It's the SOUP NAZI or the WE WERE ON A BREAK episode.

And to close, I soooooo want to be SLAP COMMISSIONER!


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